Wednesday, September 18, 2013

 Every day we are receiving new stock.....soaps, linens, pottery, lovely books and much more.  Below are some lovely measuring cups...a great gift for someone that enjoys cooking or just handy for the kitchen.

 Large cotton checked cushions are lovely woven sea grass baskets.
 New today....dindi natural soap; smells amazing ; all natural fragrances.
 Beautiful books....
 Brass scissors ; great for the kitchen, garden or sewing room.
Wooden carved printing blocks.....stay posted for new things in store at The Vintage Rose.


Anonymous said...

Hi could you tell me how much the dindi soap,the measuring cups and the brass scissors are please.


The Vintage Rose said...

Hi Heather....the soap is $10, the measuring cups are $15 and the scissors are $22. Have a great weekend.

Kelly said...

Are you still thinking about opening on online shop? I live in the states, so I would love the opportunity to order from you.

The Vintage Rose said...

Hi Kelly, At this stage i am not sure.....i know a few other stores that have done so and its not really paying off for them. So i am hesitant on spending so much setting everything up for little return. Its not just the cost of the online store but also storage and packing facilities that is the drama. Hope you are not too disappointed . Amanda x