Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Off on a shopping spree

Busy times ahead as i am off on a buying spree. In Country Stylethis month there was a great section featuring Tasmania and the best it has to offer, and to my surprise there was a piece on my store....very happy. I was informed by the Victorian editor that the feature on our house and garden may be in the April or May edition so i guess we will just have to wait. Looking forward to seeing it though. Cant wait to introduce all the new changes to the store; i ran it past the boss and he agreed that it was a great idea. So around April it will all begin. A revamp to the store and all new stock arriving, and i may even have a giant birthday sale depending on how much i spend when i am away.
Just some old shots to entertain ......

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bastide location

I love this style with measure of contemporary and a little of french vintage. Having a great time working out my theme and colour ways for this year in store. I have all these plans to make a few changes just to keep things fresh and happening especially because this year is my 3rd year of trading. I plan on changing my labels and maybe some of my packaging and maybe put some floating walls to divide the store into rooms. This will enable me to put more things up against them and give the store a slightly different feel. Tell me what you think.
Love this photo as well the whole look is very earthy and welcoming. Lamps certainly set the mood.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

More photos of home

Isn't it great when you want to take a photo front on and all you get is yourself in the mirror. I wish i knew how to photo shop myself out;anyway here is yet another shot of the sideboard in the kitchen. This seems to be the wall that changes regularly, and at the moment i am looking for a floor to wall bookshelf or cabinet that will house or my china and kitchen paraphernalia. Maybe i might stumble across something in Sydney as i am off next week for another buying trip....really looking forward to it.

Looking up onto the landing where you walk around to the office and our attic room. The rocking horse is something i have restored when the girls were little and i will hold on to it until they have their children

Another view across the dining table....

Looking from the kitchen area into the stair well. One of my favourite areas of the house. It is so hot here today probably over 30 degrees so i will stay inside and do some sewing; something to wear to Sydney. I have been really inspired by clothing i have seen on other blogs especially Blomsterverkstad. So i may do a post on them and show you my end result....maybe.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Feeling Romantic

Not really; only these shots would make any die hard romantic get in the mood. The above shot is off a film set and oh wow how gorgeous you could just about live only in just this one room.
These photos wow, so amazing, such a brilliant eye. The world of blogging certainly opens your eyes to all the talented people we have in this wonderful world. Well welcome to the world of photographer/ stylist Hvi'ur Lakkis, just awesome hop across to my bloglist and there you will see her site. Enjoy because it is not just a blog but a whole new experience of an extremely talented person.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Summers garden

So nice to see things being finished off. The wall is finally finished after 4 years in the making. I know that seems hard to believe but getting stone masons to come and finish off is a challenge in itself ; however trusty John to the rescue came and repaired our forever falling wall and finished off copping off the top. It has made the wall look so much higher which is exactly what i wanted and also stops those pesty sheep of mine from getting in at the garden. The garden is a bit of an escape for me at the moment from the drudgery being a mother{don't mean that to sound so negative it is just that parenting can sometimes feel like a thankless job and that there is no escape}. Anyway a new tomorrow and a new beginning they say and i guess you always ,always love them its just some days you definitely don't like their behaviour.
Wow it is amazing to see it nearly finished and now this high. Over time i think it will blend better as the copping stone have obviously come out of a very red soiled paddock.

A view of our back deck which we seem to be using so often this year as our evenings have been so balmy .

Another shot looking to the west of our land......a late summer shot.

Ah yes the wall again......

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valdirose what a beautiful site

I discovered this site the other day after she became one of my followers; so i hopped on to her site and wow there was' valdirose', just gorgeous , simply stunning. So i thought i would feature it in this post. I hope she doesn't mind and i will add it to my blog list so you can all have a look for yourselves. Like most Italians her attention to detail is amazing and her photos are just beautiful.Look at this beautiful split level foyer leading into a bedroom. Just gorgeous, love the splash of red toile in both areas.
Well this magnificent stone building is right up my alley. Three maybe even four stories high just amazing.

You must all agree these photos really set the mood ; wouldn't you love to go there for a weekend of rest and romance. I know i certainly would.
I hope you all enjoy the talents of Valdirose as much as i have.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More on the store......

Well yesterday was an interesting day in store when a lovely lady from Brisbane came up to me and said she was a designer from Brisbane that has been following my blog. I gave her a big smile and it suddenly dawned on me......people actually read my blog and actually take interest in what i am doing. Sometimes i think i am just typing away to myself dribbling all this stuff about my day to day life, a bit like a diary i guess but no people out there actually are reading and maybe even enjoying what i do. Thanks it does mean a lot to me and yes it does spurr me on. I have made a big decision in the last couple of weeks to do an online store, so people can actually purchase things and have them sent to them. I hope this makes a few of you die hard shoppers happy; i think it really is the way of the future.
Da da the new day bead that has been on order for a while really happy with it and it is soooo
comfortable. Its been so hot down here the other day i could have curled up on it and had a snooze but i didn't think that would have been a good look with people coming in.
A little garden display.

A posy that i have put together out of my garden flowers....

Ah yes the 'pears' they are back in store after popular demand from the customers.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Pretty as a Picture.....

These shots i have had on file for quite some time so i have to apologise because i have lost their place of origin....but regardless i had to show you because they are simply beautiful. The house above has the most gorgeous garden and was a source of inspiration when designing my garden 5 years ago. I guess i have always liked messy country gardens; not too formal because i don't think i could keep it up. Also its not really me.
One of my favourite spring flowers the hellebore......

Some flowers at the Vintage Rose......

Isn't this just gorgeous. I love the mix of box hedges and roses; it gives the garden shape and form during the winter months when the roses are dormant.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Rustic French

This particular style in the photos i have displayed is truly 'my style'. I love the rustic french look with a passion; its simple yet easy to live with and yet functional at the same time. A lot of people go for the modern clean lines because they believe it is easy to keep clean. I actually disagree i think if it has that worn weathered look it doesn't show the dirt like sleek clinical styles do.

Don't you love the armorer in the lime wash; truly beautiful in every way without being overly fussy with carving. Probably more likely a Gust avian piece rather than French. These photos are from Houston house. I hope you enjoy them as much as i have.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The garden is so so dry

A misty morning around the fountain in the side garden; i love these mornings for gardening. It certainly beats being out there when it is so hot.
Another Autumn shot of the side garden.
This is looking up the back at the veggie and herb garden. I have started replacing the veggies with roses as i simply don't have the time.

Just after a good cut back and a dig over ready for mulching down for the winter months.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Some more Tassie wilderness shots.

During the holiday period we went up to Russell Falls where Amy once again went snap happy. So here are some of the shots i have been meaning to show you; it was just superb....crystal clear water and clear clean cant get it much better.

This is one of her arty shots of a beach on the coast and a couple of guys fishing for brim.

Check out the water...