Friday, January 28, 2011

Home for a change

Its nice when you are away and return home inspired to re-think and re-change things in the home. Maybe a new flea market rug for the hall like in the picture above .
Shuffling furniture around for some women is a bit like a holiday in itself......
A selection of jars with all sorts of collections makes for an interesting display. Note the Marley and Lockyer tag in this photo.......go Ness.
A new home for the bird cages
A view looking across the table to our kitchen....excuse the mess.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Where have i been.....

Well its Summer time in Aussie land and yes off we went to be beach bums for 2 weeks. We had a mixture of weather. We were flooded in at where we were staying as it poured for 3 days running. Oh well, it wasn't that bad because it gave me an opportunity to have some real lazy days plus get into some card making for the store. I love making them, but it makes a bit of mess so at the beach house was the place to get right into it. The last week the weather was better and we spent days on the beach and in on and around the water. My daughter had a great time with friends and i think we made some great new ones. Fun was had by all of all in all a great break. So tomorrow its straight back into it....what this year brings who knows but The Vintage Rose will keep on keeping on. I will sign off now but i promise i wont leave it so long before i do my next post. This year promises to be an exciting one with a trip to France in August and buying some genuine french antiques for the store as well. Mid Feb i am off to the gift fair in Sydney and am quite looking forward to what may be available....Manda

Monday, January 3, 2011

Where have you been.......

Or should i say where have i been. Well what a journey....i was whisked away early Christmas morning to catch a plane to Byron Bay as a special birthday surprise. The cooler was packed full of prepared Christmas tea, which i may add i knew nothing about. All this was prepared and organized without me knowing a thing....i was blown away. Unfortunately the weather wasn't very kind to us for the entire time we were there; but the fact that my husband had organized all this for me was enough despite whatever the weather was doing. I felt very special and after a very busy and somewhat chaotic year i think we all needed the break.

Amy has taken these photos as i didn't even have time to pack my camera.

For all the customers that may be travelling up north and are thinking of stopping into The Vintage Rose we open on Wednesday the 12Th of January.