Monday, May 28, 2012

More lovely things in store.

 This gorgeous wool knitted throw is new in today; looks great in any room.
 These lovely salt glazed jugs are a treat; look great on kitchen shelf or a posy of lovely spring bulbs.
 The same with these jars....candles or flowers which ever you choose.
Our french linen water is also back in store; beautiful fragrance.  Its bound to make the job of ironing a little more pleasant.  Take care  x

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Loving these shots....

 At the moment i am a bit taken with the industrial look; with a dash of vintage.  Going through my files i tend to be looking more and more at photos like the ones i am showing you here today.  Its funny how your tastes change with what things are going on around you; i love the fact that a lot of the pieces are up-cycled from old factories and are now given a new lease of life.  The above photo looks like an old refrigerator out of an old hotel kitchen or something.

 The lights in this photo above are great recycled lighting taken from an old factory or warehouse; so popular at the moment.
This vintage clock face would have been taken from a train station or post office.......I love these shots and i hope you have enjoyed them as well.  Tomorrow i will post some photos of new things in store....take care.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Happy Mothers Day....

 As we all know Mothers Day is this Sunday.  So i thought i would show some new things in store that your mum may like.  The butterfly print is $129.
 These gorgeous printed cushions are $42 each.  They are also available in black and cream.
 We have an assortment of candles, soaps, linen water and other lovely things that mum may love.
 Window display......these signs are a great seller for $49.
 Another window.....we have a large selection of mercury glass at the moment.
Mum may like these little shoes.....Happy mothers day to all those mums out there; and i hope you all have a great day.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Some before and after shots.....

 This is an early shot of our new home after we first purchased it back in September last year.....
 And here it is now freshly painted; with the exception of the doors and handrail on the balcony all being painted black.
 This is our dining room taken from the kitchen; over the top.....our agent doing the hard sell.  Little did he know but i was already sold.
 Because this is what i could see.  Get rid of the cork....redo the kitchen and give the whole area a fresh new look.  Did you notice we also got rid of the bookcases at the end which weren't really well made; and made and entrance into the gatehouse which is now our bathroom/laundry.
As you can see from the above shots the kitchen has changed entirely.  The cupboards were poorly made and were only lami-panel that had chipped over time.  The bench tops were pale grey granite which was ok but not my colour preference; so seeing we were going to re-design the whole kitchen and put in new appliances , we decided to redo the bench tops as well.  The kitchen was pulled out and sold to help pay for other things ....ha ha .  I will be showing you more before and after shots as they become more finished.  Have a great weekend ....x