Thursday, September 29, 2011

On Show....

One of the decisions i have to make soon in renovating our period home is what type of shelving and storage am i going to have. These pictures have inspired a few ideas....see what you all think.

Monday, September 19, 2011

This is my motto at the moment "Keep calm and carry on" , something that you definitely need to do when renovating an old home. I will explain more later ; but all i can say is that we have opened a can of worms. Anyway ....keep calm and carry on. What more can we do...!
The somewhat nicer side to restoration work is deciding on what fixtures and fittings you would like to introduce to your design. These taps in the above photo are similar to the ones we will be using in our upstairs bathroom.
Bench tops and cupboard profiles is another major decision to making the kitchen both functional and looking great.
I quite like the simplicity of these cupboards, and will certainly be going with a similar painted finish. One thing i have discovered with making decisions; it pends greatly on availability. Because everything happens in a sequence if the product is not available at the right time, this greatly changes your decision making at the time.
These lights (which are available at our store ) will look great over our dining table. The rest of the house is proving to be quite a challenge. Any suggestions would be great. For the flooring in our kitchen dining area we are thinking of using recycled oak and then lime washing over the top , for a fresh open look to the somewhat small narrow room. Don't worry i will show photos when i can. Take care.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Some new bits n pieces.....

Things have been rather hectic; renovating our new home, getting ready to put our home on the market next week and managing the store and family life. Oh well you just get on and do what is possible for you. I thought i better show you some new items that have been coming through from my last buying trip. These gorgeous paper weights in the above photo.
These lovely no 11 cushions; even would look great at the beach or in any young boys bedroom.
These handy letter holders; great for any busy family or business. Would even look great with a display of handmade cards.
Rattan place mats or potholder for the centre of any table.
Gorgeous french style clock. I hope everyone out there has a GREAT weekend and in tassie all those holiday makers have had a lovely school holiday break. Take care x

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Things i love.....

Today i left my camera at the new house; so i had to show you these from the files of things i love. These long set of drawers are fabulous and i would love them in my workroom for fabric storage. Oh well, i guess you can dream.
Grain sacks covering chairs is another love of mine; this one is absolutely gorgeous.
Butlers sinks....hopefully mine will look like this.
Greenery ....wreaths on doors especially at Christmas time.
plump pink peony the basket as well.