Friday, April 30, 2010

Country Style.....

I wont flood you with the photos that are in the magazine as i would like you to go out and maybe buy a copy....but i would like to thank all the customers and friends that have rang and given me such positive feedback about the article...thank you. Also Virginia, the Victorian Editor for such great editorial ; she was so lovely and so easy to talk to. The above shot is in our dining room area looking out through the french doors to our terrace and into our bush. We spend lots of time in this area , as it is so open and user friendly for barbeque's and simply sitting with a cuppa listening to the birds. So i hope you enjoy the article......have a great weekend.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Country Style Magazine out tomorrow.....

A photo of our hall and staircase at home. Guess what, finally Country Style magazine is out tomorrow with our house and garden in it. I must venture out early in the morning and grab some copies; boy i hope it looks OK. Here are some more shots of home that i don't think i have shown you you will get a general feel for what may be in the mag tomorrow.
Our chest of drawers with a collection of antique boxes and vintage shoes from old Mckinlays store in Launceston. I picked them up from a garage sale years ago.
Some antique scales i bought at the local market.

Our front TV room; somewhere to hide if the girls have their teenage friends over or if we just want to get away from the main rooms in the house.

A shot of our bedroom....very hard to photograph this room. I am sure Country Style have done a much better shot.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Family and friends

Keeping warm with the man i love.
My two beautiful girls.
Chloe with her two best friends before her 19th birthday.

What he loves doing in his spare time.

Our beautiful girl is no longer a puppy...........just some very personal shots to share.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

More new stock

I know i promised some shots from home i just couldn't resist showing you these few photos i took the other day. Hows the dragon fly sachet, great for any age group.
A shelf full of linen water, candles, soaps etc.

A box full of rustic french soaps...amongst other items.

We have some more French vintage postcard prints arriving next week, similar to the one above this french farmhouse side table. They sell so well so i will be looking forward to their arrival.

The French day bed.....this is dangerous having it in store i just want to lay on it all the time...not a good look.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Some night shots of my store

I guess everyone is getting bored of all the photos on my store, so i promise next week to mix it up with some shots from home. With all the new stock arriving i have found it so hard to keep up to my garden at home....very frustrating, so this weekend i plan on getting some work done around the house and garden. Chloe has finally decided to move into the barn in order to save up for going away and so i guess there will be some action on that front as well. All fun and games and i guess you just accommodate for your children and life is just that accommodating for every ones needs; which is a lesson everyone needs to learn.
Really happy with this shot. With the days drawing out things are certainly getting dark a lot earlier. And so with this mild beautiful Autumn that we are having i guess we are all making the most of it, even with a little later night shopping.
Looking in through the double french doors. I love the light in my store and the lovely high ceilings. It gives the store a very open look.

My latest window displays. Have a great weekend every body.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The shop takes on a new look....

These wonderful chair cushions would look fab in any home, contemporary or vintage.
A view looking into one of my front windows where i have displayed some kitchen items in a lovely kitchen green colour. Note see the shopping baskets on wheels in the fore ground.

My basket of hydrangeas on top of the antique medical cupboard.

Another display.......

Our hand thrown cream jugs; they are really beautiful. I will post some more shots over the weekend.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Busy in Store

This beautiful hand carved bowl would look good in any setting. Here i have it full of the beautiful organic Est soap balls but it would look equally good full of apples in the middle of a kitchen table.
A front window display in the shop; just getting ready for a total re-merchandise.

Beautiful gift for any die hard cook, a variety of cooking salts, all made in Australia.

Beautiful little dipping bowls, great for dips, olives or sun dried tomatoes.

Handmade jug hand thrown on a potters wheel, really special....great for flowers.