Wednesday, September 29, 2010

So so cute

When i saw this photo i straight away started to dream; i wonder who lives there if anyone at all. I wonder if i knocked on the door if anyone would answer......if not maybe i could sneak inside.....and no one would know i was there.....and i could stay awhile. Sometimes we all need to dream and take ourselves away from reality, even its just for awhile. Somewhere peaceful to collect our thoughts and recount things that have happened. Everyday we are all faced with some type of hurdle and its those things that help mould us and make us who we really are. Basically it doesn't matter what race, creed or wealth we come from, who we are is what we make of ourselves. And to be that good person that we all aspire to be, takes time and experiences. Today, or this week i have had some things happen that has caused me to reflect on where i am in life and what sort of person i have become. We all go through fazes in our lives and i guess we just travel down a long windy road till we reach the end. And along the way we stop and ask ourselves many questions about what is important to us and why. Life isn't meant to be easy; but as long as we realise its like that for a reason . What is really important is how we deal with things along the way. We all make mistakes even the best of us, but we need to learn to take the positive lessons away and work towards how these lessons can benefit others around you. Some of us can be very hasty in our judgement without really looking beneath the surface of whats really going on.......just take time and it gives you a clearer perspective on what is right from wrong. Things aren't always so cut and dry.
Well i certainly have had my deep and meaningful today....and yes, you probably will never hear me like this again....thank goodness you are probably all saying . Don't worry tomorrow i will be back to my short one liners. Take care everyone .

Monday, September 27, 2010

To market to market to buy a ..........

This weekend i had a great morning scouring the local market for goodies. In the same local town i bought this wonderful linen french sheet which i intend to use for a curtain. I will show shots when i get organized and find the other bits i need to get it up.
These beautiful roses come from a local grower that specializes in growing their roses.....they are gorgeous.

The vintage leather case and book was also a great find.

A close up of the roses from Tamar Valley Roses.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Vintage in Paris

Today i am showing some great shots i found of Paris in the 1930s; the girl is leading the pack down a busy street....showing the crew that big is not always best. I think you will all agree with the exception of the photo below.

This wonderful shot of the Eiffel tower expresses grandeur at its finest and to see the Victorian costume on a warm summers day says it all. I don't think i would ever tire of looking at this amazing structure.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Stock on show

One of our new clocks ; a lovely style to suit any room in the house and a great size to suit a smaller spot measuring at 35cm and priced at $69.
Some beautiful bubble bath a fragrance called 'Spring Fresh'; all natural ingredients. A great Christmas gift selling at $25.

A pattern taken from one of our new cushions ; great for a black and neutral themed room. Sells for $39.

A collection of horn bangles from Africa....these sell at $25 each.

Wow look at this beauty that i dug out of my files .....the clocks coming aren't quite this big although one due in a few weeks is at least 1.5 metres in diameter. I cannot wait for it to come....also bird cages ; large window iron framed mirror and other bits and pieces. Things will start to flood in now until Christmas. Must start making more decorations for the tree; i have some old rust pressed tin that i am going to cut hearts to hang all over the tree. I will post some pictures when i have made some. Take care talk soon.

Monday, September 20, 2010

A day in the garden with Macey

What a beautiful day its been out in the sunshine working away in the garden. My little friend Macey has been closely by my side the whole day digging along side with me. She is so funny; i am sure she thinks she is helping me. Things are all starting to shoot now and it wont be long before we see blossom forming on the trees.
This is a new double hellebore which i have just bought. I have the white one and it is doing really well and has even self-seeded. I love the mass they provide in the garden.

Here is a sneak preview of my new chooks, aren't they beautiful.

My number one helper today; love having her with me and so happy that she came back home.

The single pink hellebore in the background with the small white/blue comfrey in the fore ground. Cant wait to get everything cleaned up with the potager all prepared for some vegetable planting. I am going to put some lettuces , herbs and other goodies as soon as it is ready. Wish i had another couple of days to get things all finished. Take care and i will post some more shop photos tomorrow for you to see .....more new things.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Just some close ups....

Our beautiful new fragrance of orange flower in our range of body products......just so fresh.
Range of wrapping we use for our complimentary gift wrapping in store.

Nothing like a rustic looking clock face or set of kitchen scales.
Just to let all those wonderful people know that have been emailing me on prices etc that i have been swamped with emails and yes eventually i will get through them and reply to you....its just me so between invoicing, unpacking new stock, re-merchandising and sales i try to write a post on my blog site or answer my emails. So a big sorry to all those still waiting but i will get around to it.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Busy, busy, busy...

More new stock has started to arrive; new linen cushion with red stripe as in the photo above.
All our stock from Africa including these cute little wire owls in this photo.

I feel like hopping in the bed after completely re-merchandising the whole store.

New clocks.....with more to come.

Looking across the store. Today we received a box full of beautiful french soaps of various sizes and scents....all gorgeous. We also received some more lighting....with more on the way. Already the quilts have sold well so there are a lot more still to arrive to keep us warm on those still cool evenings.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Raspberry and Neutrals

These lovely wine bottle holders look great on the outdoor tables for summer entertaining.
Some of our new quilts...with a lot more still coming.

Quilts and gorgeous reading.....oh and a glass of good red.

This is a great example of raspberry and neutrals from a book we have in store called At Home with Cabbages and Roses. Take care and have a great weekend.

More cushions have just arrived. I think these would look great at the beach house.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Yet more goodies in store.

The new wire cloches look fantastic on the dining table or simply hanging on the wall as a decoration. The white french dinner set is also a lovely addition to any dining table.
The plate rack is a great option for keeping plates stored or simply a few special ones on display.

These lovely zinc blackboards are great for leaving a cute message or writing out a grocery list.

Gorgeous pharmaceutical bottle with wire net over the gorgeous label.

The boot last is a great decoration ; great talking point.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Elements of design

The lovely texture of string , useful and organic.

Beautiful tags and stationary piled onto a stack of linen.

The smell of french verbena block soap.....sometimes reminds people of the verbena plant in grannies garden.

And colour. How many colour greens we can see in a Kale cabbage.

More new stock

Things are arriving in nearly daily. Today we received a whole lot of quilts which is perfect timing for this weather, as our nights can be still a bit cold but our days lovely. Also with spring cleaning thoughts floating around customers will be thinking of a variety of ways to give their rooms a new look. Hopefully the cushions will arrive soon and that will be another way to freshen things up for spring. I am in the mood for a real change around at home its just convincing hubbie to help me move some of my bigger more heavier pieces. I will post some photos if my plans are successful.

A window display of my new garments that have arrived. Already creating a lot of interest which is great. Oh well i better shut shop and get home to cook tea for the tribes. Take care everyone.