Thursday, October 28, 2010

The shop is brimming with new products

This is a front shot of the store with all our new garden products: pots, garden candles, garden scissors, watering cans etc.
The table of lamps....with more yet to come.

The bedroom area......

The bed with new quilts and linen.

Looking from the counter across to the back end of the store.......Happy weekend and take care.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Gorgeous stock still coming

This large wall plaque would look magnificent in any room....bedroom, lounge, hallway, and boy i think it would be quite a statement.

This beautiful mirror has already created quite a stir; its even more beautiful in real life.

These are some random shots of flowers taken from my garden for a very special fellow in my life dad.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Just a few bits......

Today we had our beautiful french style hand loomed smock dresses arrive; they are even more beautiful than i remember them. The store is getting more full of all sorts of goodies ready for my Christmas trade
I must say people are buying up early this year and thinking more about their gifts. I wont be putting up my decorations until sometime in November. My regulars are use to this and appreciate my logic behind holding things back. I feel Christmas is largely about our children and bringing the decorations out so early only confuses them and they think Santa is on the way when really its still months away. So under protest i wont put mine out till November.

These baskets have been a hit already after only being put out yesterday. Already i have sold 5.....Geoff i hope i can get some more.

The little buckets are delightful and would look fab with bunches of roses in them hanging off a door handle; imagine them at a Wedding how gorgeous would they look.
The little hand carved horse are absolutely french.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Up to my neck in stock......

Today and yesterday i have been unpacking heaps of stock ready for Christmas trading. I still have heaps coming and yes i am starting to run out of room. Looks like its up in the air from here on in; i think things look great stacked up any way. I will post some more shots soon so you can see whats new. Take care Amanda x

Sunday, October 17, 2010


These photos all spell "Romance"; there is something about each and everyone that just screams romance. And yes you have it, i am a romantic at heart.

There are times in your life, especially as a parent of two daughters, when romance is definitely in the air. It makes you feel happy that you have taught them the importance of feeling special and making sure that their partner cherishes their every move. When you see that, as a parent, you feel very satisfied. This whole process can be somewhat daunting but when you see that glance, that commitment, that unity within two people you know its genuine. At the moment i feel a very lucky mum.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

This is Ophelia the first rose in the garden to flower and the last to stop flowering. It was my mothers favourite rose and i could safely say its also one of mine. Here it is rambling all over the barn.

Below are a couple of shots of our entertaining areas; when the sun goes down on one deck we go out to the other and follow the sun . At first the deck in the photo to our right was gravel up to the doors but we were finding it quite messy and gravel was going in the house all the time. So we decided to pave another area with a step down and a retaining wall around it. Gradually we put the hedge around and put pots etc to make the area more homely.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Jugs, jugs and more jugs

I am convinced that most women are jug-a-holics. Most of my customers that come in say oh no more beautiful jugs....and before i say a word they have it in their hot little hands and are carrying it towards the counter. So today i thought i would introduce you to another guessed it me. And yes this is my collection; a mixture of old and new.
I have had a bit of a spring re-arrange as all of us nesty women seem to do . It seems to give things a new lease of life......a few new cushions or a throw maybe even a new print, not to forget a lovely vase full of spring bulbs .

Looking up at our lounge mantle with a minimal look for the moment.

A quite spot to relax after a big day at work or a busy day in the garden.....take care everyone.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

For the love of Red.....

I must say if it wasn't for vintage linens with that splash of red i really don't know what i would do; i absolutely love it. I stumbled across these photos the other day in my files and felt that i needed to share them with you. At the moment i have two projects on the go ; preparing a day bed for our back veranda and having 2 chairs covered in burlap with lots of tufting. I will show photos later on......
These cushions with ties inspired me for what i could put on my day bed; i want it to be nice and comfy to lay on after a hot afternoon in the garden.

Love how Cabbages and Roses use splashes of red in their store ; it makes all the creams and neutrals come alive. Take care and have a great weekend; happy gardening.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

After spending the morning at the store even though it was a public show holiday , i sat in the lounge contemplating where to start around the house. There are always so many options of what needs doing; gardening, washing, housework, restoring a piece of vintage whatever or maybe posting on my blog site. The list is often endless. Today despite the cold i opted to head out into the garden; after a good overnight rain the weeds would be a little easier to pull. Below are some shots i took before work of the girls and the new little lamb and some shots of things really starting to bloom in the garden. Tomorrow i will take some in store shots of all our new garden wares that have just arrived with a whole lot more yet to come. The store is getting very full ready for our Christmas trade.
On new spring feed they are looking very healthy.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Things are now steadily coming in

These soaps have been so popular....looks like another order will be placed before Christmas.
Heaps of new body products have just arrived with a gorgeous new fragrances and scented outdoor candles for keeping mosquito's at bay.

Lovely French so comfy.

More coat racks just arrived today.

Go for the street display. Last year i was told nothing on the street by our local council....what a rebel i am.