Thursday, February 28, 2013

Some hints of whats arriving soon in store....

 Well it was a hectic time at the trade fair; but excited at the prospect of what will be arriving in store over the next couple of months.  I have brought some amazing things; so all in all, very happy.  Also happy to be back home around familiar people and places and back in my own bed....
 This gorgeous Moroccan pottery will be new in store soon; beautiful and very tactile, in gorgeous muted tones.
 Belgian linen string.....always handy.
 This lamp is similar to one i have brought; i must say i have spent a lot on lighting this year.  With a lot of my customers renovating instead of selling ; the prospect for updating to a more contemporary industrial look can be achieved very easily with the right lighting choices and with relative little expense.
Lots of linen in washed florals and fresh patterns arriving soon......Take care everyone and have a great

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Valentines Day.......

 So sorry i have been slack with my postings......after a wonderful holiday i have had lots of time to think of ideas for my store , and we have decided on going for a slightly new look...we are excited soon to be soon showing you.   It wont be too drastic just a few tweaks here and there.....but all still in the making.  I can reveal we are making a lot of the stock ourselves which is making our job a lot harder, but will give the store a unique and individual look.  So we are very excited and cant wait for the big launch......   The store will be closed for a few days so i will be informing you of the dates; the shop will be repainted with new colours and signage to go with our new look;  Don't worry it is still Vintage through and through......more so than ever.  Enjoy your Valentines Day.  I hope everyone comes home to some sort of surprise, even if its just a rose from the garden.xxxxx