Saturday, February 26, 2011

More images of new stock

These little book boxes are great for hiding things away; and no one would know !
These sponge bags; cute and inexpensive ranging from $12, to $15 to $25.
This memo board is great for back to school memos and things to remember.....
This gorgeous antique rocking horse would enhance any french decor.
This iron framed clock is a lovely addition to any room selling at $75. Take care everyone and i will keep you posted on the gorgeous clothing arriving this Wednesday; ranging from $65 and up and also the leather and silver jewellery.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Stock already arriving....

These coasters make a great small gift at only $25 a set and can easily be posted anywhere....
Yesterday i started to receive already ordered stock. So from now on i will be posting heaps of photos of all the stock; which i think will be arriving daily. Here is a selection of our new cushions ranging from prices $35 up to $79. They are all beautiful and think you will agree look great together.
I have jewellery arriving soon and handwoven baskets which are great for a variety of storage needs. So stay posted and hopefully i will please not only my in store customers but also my now blogging customers. Amanda


Today i am featuring my friends new store called Ecoco. The store is a clever combination of design and colour to showcase not only her beautiful selection of gift and home wares but also her service as a designer and decorator. Di has an extensive pallet of Murobond paints for your own personal home improvement or simply a makeover to any home DIY. She offers a design service and will develop a concept for you to extend your own personal needs for whatever project you may have planned. Her taste and ideas are showcased superbly in Ecoco and i am sure every person will enter the store and leave totally inspired and refreshed with ideas.
The counter at the store.
Bonnie and Neil, beautiful boxes and cushions which have been scene printed on.
More of their product; so beautiful represented in this store.
Looking from the front of the store through to the design area....Make sure you pop over to and see exactly what Di has on offer.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Back from the Fair.....

Exhausted from walking down endless Isles at the gift fair, i feel somewhat satisfied with my purchases and a little excited at the prospect of their arrival. Today i am just sitting in my store dreaming of merchandising all my new purchases. I have brought some gorgeous pottery, similar to the pottery shown in our store in photos below. I have also purchased lots of jewellery and clothing with a distinct french feel. Lots of vintage glass ware, linens, gorgeous cushions, throws and bags. So so pleased to be buying for this store that is not only a part of me, but now a part of you.....thanks for stepping into The Vintage Rose and supporting what i love to do. I have brought hurricanes similar to in the photo above and beautiful hessian ottomans; so comfy. Cant wait to share all this with you.....Amanda

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cathy Pentons charms arriving soon

This amazing jewellery designer Cathy Penton is once again very kindly supplying our store. I feel quite privileged ; the charms are very popular and don't stay in the store for very long. I will do another post when they arrive and show the variety she has done for me.
A selection of charms she has done in the past.

Keep a close eye on my blog site to see when they arrive.......

Things i love

I just love these bottles; i will be looking for bottles like these at the gift fair which i am heading off to this week.

Dress forms, large clocks and large rattan baskets are also loves of mine.
Spice drawers in all shapes and sizes are also another of my weaknesses.....
I will also be on the hunt for cage lighting....i think it is quirky and will work with other bits i have in mind.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Inspiration plus.....

I love everything that looks light and fresh even though there are years of wear and tear on some of the pieces of furniture ; like in the photo above. I guess it just softens the edge of things when everything isn't so perfect. I am off to the trade fair once again, and this year i will be particularly on the hunt for some french style cushions, similar to the ones in the photo above. I met in person the lovely Di Smith who has been making french style cushions in the past and is keen to get back into manufacture, especially after seeing the store in the flesh. So stay tuned and you will see some gorgeous cushions made from french linens from the very clever lady.

If it wasn't for the cushions in the above photo, this room would look very plain and somewhat boring. Sometimes the cushions only have to be a shade or two out from everything else to make the impact which is needed.
Once again a fairly neutral canvas with just a few darker key elements.
I love the candlesticks hope i find some similar on my buying trip.
Gorgeous and inviting despite everything being so light in colour.

Friday, February 4, 2011

More stock arriving.....

This morning has been busy in store; which leads me to my problem of getting more stock. Next week books are arriving as they seem to just walk out the door. This week some gorgeous pottery arrived in the soft french grey which is already selling quickly. Also new in are our small dress makers forms which have nearly all sold out; although i will endeavour to get more in as soon as a new shipment arrives. All in all i have been quite happy with how things have been going; and now more than ever, looking for products that are not found at the gift fairs; which i can honestly say is providing to be quite a challenge.

We still have the busty french dressmaker form; like the one in the above photo. These sell for 550. Take care everyone and have a great weekend, Manda

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Summer time

Just look at these lilies brought from the market....such beautiful blooms
Our garden at the front of our home.
A summer garden .

Our bank finally done. Thanks to a few friends and some good advice we finally made a decision on what we wanted on the bank. We put the Hebe plant "Inspirations" which i think once established will look great. Sometimes things take a long time but i guess its better to get it right.