Friday, April 27, 2012

LOve LOve LOve

 This selection of photos i find inspirational in every way; their simplicity of style and elegance.  I hope you enjoy them as much as i do.  Have a great weekend.x

Monday, April 23, 2012

As promised......

 Hey here are some of the shots of our kitchen restoration, near completion.  I still have the floors to lime and a few finishings off......
 This is another angle of the kitchen....the fridge and pantry are on the other wall.  We are also putting in an old antique cupboard just to soften the look....with an up-cycled door from the gate house which we are turning into an island bench.  The timbers are too good to waist, and it will just take the edge of the new new look.  Oh, and as you can see the electrical has yet to be done.
 This shot looks from the kitchen into the dining room.  We are having a hydronic heater in the end fire place.  This will be fuelled by burning wood, which will in turn heat the water, which will be pumped around the pipes which we have laid under the flooring.  Its a cost effective way to go once it is installed and now power is getting so expensive, you will see it used more and more.  If you have timber flooring throughout the house you can run a pipe underneath and then install water heaters on the walls, which in turn will heat the house.
 This is the outside colour which we are painting the house.  The trims are going to be Antique white USA and black front and balcony doors .  All the fret work at the back and posts have been repaired and replaced as the glass over the top had cracked and let a considerable amount of water in over a long time.  We are also replacing the glass where required.
 This is the pantry with retractable doors which i haven't finished painting yet.....but ill get there.  This is going to be so handy as i can put all the appliances in there are then shut the doors; its also a great work space.  The cupboard along side is also more storage, cereals etc.
These vanity units have been recycled from the previous owners.....they were dark timber in a high gloss finish; so we have sanded them , then painted, replaced handles and bench tops to organic white Caesar stone.  The regency mould splash backs are going to be painted Antique linen USA ; the cupboards are painted with a mix i made from all my sample pots thrown together....I will have some more shots soon.  Take care, and think of me painting.....x

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

21 Years old.

I failed to post a photo of my daughter turning here she is still my baby girl. A great day and evening had by her and her friends and a beautiful lunch at Joesph Chromys Vineyard.
Here are some shots of our latest items to just arrive in store. The union jack rug is absolutely gorgeous......
A full basket of kale........
Mercury glass bottles; just a few.....
Bird cage shelving...great for pot plants, candles, books stacked up....china and linen; absolutely anything.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

American maple syrup buckets.....

We have been constantly unpacking and pricing this week; and it looks like more is in store for next week. We have received a mix of old vintage items with some reproduction, all sits well together in the store.

The buckets come in 3 colours, green, red and cream. In the fore ground you will notice some bunny jars by pip clever niece who has created this cottage business from home, . Isn't she clever....great for putting little girls bobby pins , clips etc or even some sweets for a special treat.
The cream looks gorgeous on the dining table.....full of fresh herbs.
I will post some more shots of new bits soon.....take care x

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Some sneak peak shots of restoration of our new home.

This door now leads into downstairs bathroom; i will show you shots of this later.
Looking through into back area.
A long narrow room; it may be a challenge for me to furnish.

I'm not meant to be showing you these.....even though we are much more advanced ; bench tops are on , regency mould back splash is up, ovens in, and cupboards are painted and on. Oh well just a sneaky look wont hurt. Much happier with the wall colour now after struggling with the unbelievable amount of light that streams into this section of the house. I will show some more up to date photos as we go.....hard to find the time to take them. Happy Easter everyone.xxxx