Friday, July 30, 2010

And then there was more....

Things have been busy in store this week; and already a lot of these items have already sold. So i apologise to those who ring and enquire about prices if they are no longer available. Don't be too disappointed though because i may be able to order again if they are not completely sold out. I am off to Melbourne next Friday for another shopping spree.....looking for goods for Christmas for the store.
The lovely zinc pots with rope handles have been very popular and i now only have a few left in the round and the oval.

Sorry the santos dolls are sold out but i will be re-ordering. The lamps and everything else is still available. The french toile cushion has been discontinued and i have only one left.

This industrial coffee table is gorgeous and would look as good in a warehouse apartment as it would in a very contemporary setting. The bird cages are lovely and would look great inside or out.....even great with a series of different size candles.

Looking across the industrial dining table to the Luberon bookcase. The water jugs have been popular and so have the blanc glasses. See you all next week....have a great weekend.

Monday, July 26, 2010

And there is more.

As you can see the counter is in a completely different spot, much better. Although i miss all the room i had behind me to unpack stock.
Some jugs sitting pretty in the Luberon bookcase.

A close up of our new tea towels.

I am really happy with display of kitchen bits n pieces. The french cheese boards have been selling well....only a few left. We have just received some more coat hook racks in today; only in the cream colour. The plate rack on the shelf are a great buy at only $39. Our new monogrammed linen aprons are also a great buy at $45. More photos tomorrow so keep posted .

Take a look now.......

The store has received such positive feed back after its mini makeover and change around. The counter now runs along the length of the store which frees up the back area which was really a waste of good floor space. We now have quite a few new bigger pieces including this iron bed. The linen is all 100% linen with a cotton quilt and Euro cushions to complete the look. The smaller white cushions that you can see at the front have 'white' embroidered on them.
My store room walls are now covered in hessian on the looks great and is also very dirty finger prints. The shelf you can see above is made out of an old plank of wood. Really happy with the whole look. The large balls of string can be ordered on request; quite expensive so i will only take orders for them.

Looking from the fireplace to the front of the store. So nice for my customers to now enjoy the fire as well. Can you see the industrial table and elm benches just in the fore ground.

The wire chandelier wired in......hanging above the bed.

My new look business cards which go with my new pleased. I will be posting more photos all this week to show you all my new bits and pieces. Take care Amanda x.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Too busy to post

Sorry for my lack of posting. It seems that i am doing a lot of saying sorry lately; and the truth is i have been too busy to even do a post. I guess you are all wondering why....well we had our renovation makeover to our store which took two of us 4 days. Then we released all our new stock and the store is now humming again. "The Winters Evening" was a great night. Around 50 people came and went between the hours of 4pm and 7.30. I was so pleased, and so proud of Chloe and her boyfriend who did all the catering; the food was absolutely delicious. They are opening their own cafe in October sometime, and they are calling it At Delicious. Anyway more of that later. I will post some photos of the new look store in the next few days so you can see all the changes. The photos you can see are from the blog spot Greige such a lovely site. Don't you love the lighting in the above photo old crates used as light shades. I love anything that is reused for other practical uses.
What a lovely relaxing room...

A very practical and useful utility room; just gorgeous.

We have a tin bath exactly the same in our barn sitting on brick flooring; once again recycling old products to make a new look. Look how they have used an old plank of wood to sit across the bath to accomodate items they may need in the bath; great idea.

Check out the size of these doors and this gorgeous room.....luxurious and spacious.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Shots from home

Its amazing how photos can change so much in different light. These two rooms at home are a classic example of how a relatively neutral canvas can change seasonally. I have the lounge room above now in more earthy tones rather than the crisper summer colours of raspberry, moss and wheat. This is why rooms like this are so easy to play with and change, not only with the seasons but also with your mood. I wanted this room to be not so pretty so i put more earthier bits in there and a rich winter tone throw and cushions; immediately the room took on a richer glow. If you want to see these changes look down the side bar of my blog site and there is a shot for you to look at. The bedroom below is a similar room which you can add all different colours to. At the moment there is a sage green and soft mocha which looks lovely in this room as it receives plenty of light. I am leaving my banner for the moment as i have so much on my plate getting ready for my Winters Evening on the 22nd of July.....don't forget i will remind your all latter when i am knee deep in all new stock, painting and revamping and putting all my new labeling on everything. Take care Amanda x

Monday, July 12, 2010

Here are some more shots

I think i am a little more happy with these. Most people voted for the old scales which i must admit were also my favourite. In this lot i like the dress making form and the bottles and the rustic french soap in the tin. Once again tell me what you think as i love every ones opinion. I hope you all had a great weekend.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

What do you think about these shots

Thinking about getting a banner made up for the shop with a collage of photos and our new writing "The Vintage Rose" super-imposed over the top. Well i would love to know what you all think. And certainly over the next few posts i will place a series of photos up from which you can choose and say which ones prefer. So please let me know; everyone have a great weekend.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Been Away.....

Well its been a fabulous weekend for me away with my lovely husband for our 20th Wedding Anniversary; had a great time. Whilst away i have been thinking of all my new ideas and new stock which has been arriving daily and how i am going to put it together for my Winters Evening which will be on the 22nd of July from 4pm till really excited. Above i have re-arranged the large provincial bookcase with an array of new items including cushions made from a lovely lady in Queensland called Di Smith. She designs them from vintage tea towels and other bits n pieces.
This shot gives you a closer look at her cushions all stacked into a rattan herring basket.

Above the recycled elm farmhouse tressel is a reproduction of a map of Paris....framed specifically for me to my design.

A closer look at the Paris map......

Other bits n pieces......