Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Easter Everyone

Another view from inside the store....
Our new hessian french market baskets; great for any shopping.

Rustic French olive oil soap....great for any cleaning ....leather or just to use beside the kitchen sink.

The olive tree calenders.....a great gift for those that have everything.

Ah and last but not least our Tasmanian made organic candles made from soy in beautiful recycled Fowler jars. Boy they are selling so fast. Well already this year is going so fast, and Easter is upon us. I don't know about all you bloggers out there but Easter is like the last opportunity to get away before the weather gets cold. So we are heading off sometime over the break and hopefully catching the best part of the weather. So for all you followers out there have an awesome Easter and a great Aussies definitely deserve it we work hard enough.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

boxes, boxes and more boxes.....

These beautiful spools were imported from France and have worked a treat for putting my ribbons on i think they look much nicer ........
A view of my rather chaotic store; i really need to re-merchandise its just i have been too busy simply unpacking.

A pair of vintage shoe lasts and some new jewellery as well.

The small vintage pears look great in this hand carved bowl. I will post some more photos tomorrow.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

This article was featured in the March edition of Australian Country Style. I was really happy with how it turned out and have already received quite a good response from the article. In May's edition we have our home and garden being featured; so i am quite looking forward to see how it all looks as well.
The photo shown above also featured in country style.

This is an older photo i took of the front of the store; so lucky to have such a great shop front with great exposure to a rather busy street. Sorry again for my posts being so few and far between but i have been busy between unpacking stock and celebrating my daughters birthdays, one now 16 and the other 19.....boy how time flys it can sometimes be a crude awakening to how quickly they grow up and turn into young women. Oh well , i guess thats just life..........

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Things are getting a little fresh

As i hopped out of bed this morning i could definitely feel that cool nip in the air to let me know Autumn has now arrived. I have had such a busy week at the shop unpacking more stock and invoicing and pricing; i can tell you its not a five minute job. Things get quite hectic so i apologise for not posting very often because to be honest i just haven't had a spare moment. After unpacking over 20 boxes on Friday i am pleased to announce the marble pears are now back in store but like before probably not for long. I have also received some wonderful hand carved wooden bowls and some marble dishes in smaller sizes and larger sizes. Its so nice to receive such positive feed back from my customers about what i am buying its just so hard keeping the store unique from everyone else.....this is and will continue to be my biggest problem in the business. However i tend not to let things beat me and just soldier on trying to supply new and exciting things for my customers to enjoy.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Things are arriving in store.......

Lots of fabulous things are now gradually arriving into store. I am really happy with everything and already i am receiving some positive feedback.....which is always good. Today seemed to be a day when my customers all came in and gave me such positive feed back and compliments as if they know that today of all day i needed them. I must admit last week was somewhat of a challenge [to say the least ] and then today all my lovely customers gradually stream in and say lovely things to brighten up my day. I guess initially you start doing something you believe in....or trust is going to work and then after a period of time you also have added incentives and driving forces behind you.....yes its you, my lovely customers. Without you my store would simply not exist and i could no longer do what i love. So thank you to all of you and thank you to all the bloggers that stop by for a sneak peek at what i do. Oh and yes to all those bloggers asking if i am ever going to have an on-line store; i hope to have one up and running before the end of the year.

A beautiful vintage wall plaque.....would look great in a conservatory or garden room, even hanging over a bed in a master bedroom.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cathy Penton charms in store

I have just received another lot of Cathy Penton's charms and already they are creating a stir. I am so lucky to have these charms as a part of my jewellery collection that is on offer in store and Tassie certainly love them. Enjoy these pictures.

Lily & Lulu have a fabulous new collection of summer clothing that i viewed and bought from the Sydney Gift Fair. This should arrive in store around August September and wow it is beautiful; long line tops and shirts in soft linens and jackets to layer. The bag in the picture above is from Villa Maison and have been selling extremely well in store.

More of Cathy's charms......

This linen over coat is a great addition to any wardrobe, again by Lily and Lulu. I will say one thing i have learnt this week in business is not only do i have very loyal customers ,which i value dearly, but i also have very loyal and fabulous suppliers.....thank you to everyone for your support.

Monday, March 8, 2010

More products arriving.....

This line of body products are back in store ; and we have more still to arrive.
Our clothes line is going to be extended and i have ordered another couple of labels to complement the linen line.

We have lots and lots of baskets arriving all shapes and sizes for a wide range of purposes.

Not to forget our African crosses with a wide range of other products including the popular wire work from Jo Jo.

And last but not least Savon de Marseille soaps in various sizes great for any organic uses around the home or simply just to wash your hands at the sink.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Camping, camping and more camping.

I must say i am really missing my baby girl; she is off camping with the younger students from her school as a student camp leader. A fantastic experience and a great thing to do and i must say she would definitely know whats what as she is always camping. Nearly every holiday they go off on a jaunt to some area of Tassie and enjoy what ever the area has to offer. These photos are of her last camping experience to Marion Bay and check out the effects she got from her camera with the fire on the beach. I think these shots are awesome.
This one looks like someone is actually in the fire......but i can tell you they all returned safe and sound. I think the adult males get up to more mischief than their children.What a sky......Amy you have really captured the mood in this shot.

And this one as well......

And there she is the talented daughter on another camp with her very best friend Barry....mates forever.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

All i could think of was a long soak in the bath...

All i could think about was my bath tub. My legs were throbbing and my head was spinning. The gift fair was full on ; we did 2 big venues in the one day....crazy stuff. I can honestly say i dont think i have walked so much in 3 and a half days. We stayed in China Town, there were people everywhere , so much on in Sydney that weekend. So i must say i was looking forward to coming home to a nice bath and lots of fresh air. I am so happy with what i have brought, lots of lovely things will start to filter in hold on because i think its the best shop i have done in 3 years of trading.
These very large zinc buckets are simply gorgeous, i have ordered this style and a more oval shape. Really happy with everything and will be giving you sneak peeks of the stock that will be arriving over the months to come. Take care everyone i will leave you with this quote taken from Cabbages and Roses guide to natural housekeeping....."Anyone whose heart is in the right place understands that organic by neglect is far different than organic by design" by Joel Satatin.