Friday, October 30, 2009

Hello one and all welcome to some of The Vintage Rose's new stock. The bus roll shawl has been extremely popular this summer; can also be hung over a rod behind the back of your couch . The french style shopping bags are made in Egypt, with jute handles.
The bus roll canvas is our other option to hang on the wall. Look great in either a contemporary home or a somewhat more traditional home. The large green urn is also a great choice for an entrance to any home.

The old medicine cabinet is a stunning piece and would look great in any room; a library for books or in the kitchen for piling up your china. The large clock is from a french company and certainly make a great statement. The vintage style chair covered in beige linen is also a great hall, desk or bedroom chair.

The large french mirror in the background is absolutely beautiful with its distressed green finish, look great in a conservatory or bedroom. The two Gothic style iron chairs also compliment the look.

A very fresh french look at The Vintage Rose with the greens, creams, french linens with a hint of black. I will bring you some more photos of the store in the next couple of days to show you more stock that has arrived. Have a great weekend .

Leaving home

a A lot happening in the skipper household at the moment. Amongst our bits of finishing off and refining our family home our eldest daughter is flying the coup so to speak. Heading up to the sunny part of our country...yes that time has come as it comes to us all and i am afraid i haven't been copping that well. I guess you know that one day it is going to happen but when it finally comes around and so so quickly it takes you back and you realise that finally that the day has arrived. I cannot imagine coming home and finding that the young lady that i share so much with will not be there and even though she will only be a phone call away i will find not looking at her smiling face seeing her reaction to every word i say , very very difficult. You can talk to your husband or friends but i guess only mothers that have had their children already leave will totally understand. I would really appreciate any ones advise or help as i am feeling very lonely and she hasn't even left yet.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Gardening, gardening and more gardening trying to get ready for the mag shoot on Tuesday next week. A little disappointed though because they are not doing the store as well; when i guess the whole idea was to show people the relationship between the store and our home......oh well you can only try and i guess the mag trade is so cut throat at the moment that if something better comes along you go with that instead, ......or do you ?

Friday, October 16, 2009

Here are some shots of our garden , a group of pots and a lounger looking out over our padocks.

See our cheeky little hen just inside the stone wall, making a mess in my garden.

A gorgeous clematis climbing up a t.pee just outside the front door.

A view looking up the front garden path; a really wet spring so this year things are going to be slightly late this year.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Some more photos of stock and more to come....

Emma has been busy today doing the flowers for a cocktail launch at Justin Paul. They were two massive urns one with bright spring colours and the other was all whites and greens. We were happy with them.
This is our new calender wall plaque which can be used for every year.
Our gorgeous cosmetic purses.

An old demijohn from an old property on the north coast.

An old shortbread mould and our new coasters with hens and roosters on them.

Our Tonic range with soaps, hand creams, hand washes, candles and reed diffusers, always proves to be a great seller. The papers are just beautiful.

Small linen cosmetic purses from Villa Maison; little cuties.

Extra large linen cushions and on top our storage baskets made in Egypt.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Finally shots of some new stock

I managed to borrow a camera to show you all some of my new stock that has just arrived in store. The rattan food cover and platter is great for keeping food covered during the summer months. They also look great just sitting out on a bench in your kitchen or dining room.
Some antique scales i picked up on the weekend after doing a bit of antique hunting across the north of Tasmania.

We love the new chemist bottles with french writing that have just arrived.

A large clock from a French Company; very special......

A bird print on a hesian canvas; we had others as well but we are already sold out. Thanks guys for being so patient with me as i was completely lost without my camera. I will send a post again tomorrow. So stay tuned for more photos and some late spring shots of my garden . Oh and a big big thankyou to Cathy Penton for her gorgeous charms that have just arrived an hour ago; so thrilled, photos soon.....

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Come on weather.......

Well hello everyone; sick and tired of the weather, if its not raining its freezing cold. I have been so sick whooping cough not nice i can tell you. Anyway on the improve and hoping to get back on track with everything planned for the shop and home; especially before country style come to do my photo shoot. Feel a little lost without my camera so hopefully i will have a new one soon. The photo above has inspired me as we are building a little shed up the back and i am hoping it will look a little like this, by the way i have had this on file for a while so i am afraid i cannot tell you the source. I hope you all have a great weekend; maybe we might get our dam fixed after it burst some time ago......hope so.