Thursday, March 29, 2012

Loving these shots.....

As we are nearing the end of our renovation, i still find myself going through all my photos on file for more inspiration. This shot above has confirmed that i will be painting the large bookshelf in our lounge the same colour as our walls so it kind of disappears. I may paint the inside a beige grey colour though.
This shot i kept because we may put an awning over the french doors where our entertaining area will be. I like this because you could take the shade off in Winter and put it back on in Summer.
This shelving is exactly what i will be having in the kitchen over our benches. I have gone for more exposed shelving in this house as it will happily display my china and linen.

I am presently working on what greenery to place around the house to soften all the hard in photo above. I will be showing some photos soon of the restoration project near completion.....i will then show some shots of rooms furnished. Take care xxxx

Friday, March 23, 2012

New things arriving daily........

Once again, i must apologise for my lack of posts as things have been quite hectic on the home front. Getting close with the renovation....lots and lots of new things arriving in store and an 18th birthday and 21st in the same month. What was i thinking; or should i say, NOT THINKING. Oh well hopefully things will calm down and life at the skipper house hold will return to normal, whatever that is. Within the next month lots more will be arriving and i am looking forward to seeing it all arrive.
These beautiful french tea towels will look great in any kitchen; and last your life time.
Vintage old shutters........
Cushions and rugs; with more to come.....
The gorgeous industrial 24 drawer cabinet; great in a kitchen, workroom, lounge for all those dvds would look great any where. Have a great weekend x

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Lovely shots

Once again, always looking for inspiration for our renovation on our new home; we are at the stage of fitting out, so much more exciting. All these shots display a somewhat organic feel; which i must admit i am very drawn to. The floor coverings are going to be in a neutral sisal, as in the bedroom in the above photo.

I will be growing a small vegetable and herb garden, for those instant needs in the kitchen.
And i have finally decided on liming the flooring in our main living, dining area.
The paving on our outside dining area is going to look similar to the photo above; we are choosing a local Thunderstone from Oatlands and laying it in a random pattern. Its getting all very exciting; and with our bathrooms going in next week and our kitchen stove already in place i think i could almost move in. Well not quite.......take care. x

Monday, March 5, 2012

My baby turning 18 today.....

Wow its hard to believe but my baby girl is turning 18 today; where has that time gone. I know a lot of people say that when you have children , the time just flies, but i don't think you truly realise till maybe this day; when they become a young adult. To tell you the truth; the whole thing quite scares me......she will always be my baby girl....and the memory of the time i first held her in my arms is still close to my heart to this day. Happy Birthday darling.....xxxxx

Thursday, March 1, 2012

HI there.....

Hey so sorry for the lack of posts lately. We have just returned from a big shopping trip in Sydney and very happy with what i we have purchased. I just wanted to share the saying in the photo above; i think it just about says it all for me . Tell me your thoughts .....
This new couch with loose linen covers just arrived so comfy
New shelving units......great for any room in the house.
Our rattan chair with ottoman; once again so so comfortable.
A few of our new smaller items. Next week we have lots more stock arriving.....some vintage and some reproduction; both look equally as well side by side in any style of home. Come in and take a browse. Things will be drifting in in the next month or so.....Have a great weekend Amanda. xx