Sunday, August 29, 2010

Just a mix of shots

These shots are inspiring with spring just around the corner. Spending some time in the garden is great although the old back is feeling it.Another day and i hope to see some improvements....when you let things go it takes so much to get it tidy again. I love changing things around in the garden as i do in the house ; sometimes things grow either too high or wide or another plant doesn't do as well

This shot has been taken through our bedroom window when the frost was settled and the sun was shining through showing the rose on the other side.....loved the effect.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

My garden needs some attention

Sorry for my lack of posts but yes , you have it, computer trouble. Anyway all seems ok now.....but we wont hold our breath. This weekend i have big plans for the garden but if the weather doesnt improve it may not happen. I want to prune all my roses and do a general tidy up feed and mulch.
These photos are by my clever daughter again....they are high resolution shots with her new lens tell me what you think...they may give you an indication of how cold it has been here.

The last rose......always so fresh .....happy gardening everyone.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Lilly & Lulu has arrived.....

These are quite small shots that i have down loaded from their web site but it will give you a feel of the type of clothing that i have coming in. The spring summer collection is a relaxed look of linen and cotton voile in muted tones and black. They tend to suit a wide age group and are classical enough to be teamed with almost any other style. The above tunic dress i have in the beige linen as shown and i also have it in black and white. It features two pleated pockets on the front which adds to the lovely detailing. This also looks great with an under top or soft blouse to change the look entirely.
This lovely long line jacket i have in the colour featured above.....looks great with white or black or even a splash of colour.

These designs are so classical they would last from season to season and could also be worn in both summer or winter

These beautiful aprons will be arriving soon.

Monday, August 16, 2010

What i have bought at the fair

This year i have really concentrated on buying things that can give our homes a quick make-over without spending a fortune. In this current economic climate people will be looking cost effective ways to give some changes to there i have bought things that i think will fit the bill. I have purchased heaps and heaps of cushions as they can transform a look instantly. I have also found quilts, quilts and more quilts. I think they are are a great solution to any throw over the back of a couch to give it a lift or simply provide some warmth in the spring months when it is not cool enough for putting the heater on; this also saves on power. I think the same can apply to the bedroom; a nice quilt on the end of a bed and a complimentary cushion can give this room a lift. They are also 100% cotton and are all machine washable. And my favourite thing of all.....seeing them all folded and stacked on top of each other sitting in an armoire. I will post lots of pictures when they all arrive.

These french toile quilts are certainly my favourite and they work into most neutral rooms with beautiful Belgian linens and textures.

The freshness of classic crisp white linen is timeless and romantic at the same time.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Back from the Fair

Well here i am back from the fair and boy oh boy i think we would be safe to say i spent up. Oh well as they say you have to spend it to make it....bit scary though. Hope all of you out there in blog land have been well ; because now i am home from my buying extravaganza i feel like i need a holiday in the sun....well that simply is not going to happen. Back to the grind, phone calls to confirm orders, a few changes and more additions to my ordering. Anyway all was well why we were away apart from the fact that our little dog Macy has gone missing.....very sad. Have made all the phone calls doggy shelters etc, but unfortunately no luck. I hope she turns up, i feel sick thinking of her out there lost or at some strangers house not knowing how to get home. The strange thing is she never wanders, she has an electric collar to prevent this sort of thing from happening.....i am lost as to where to go from here.
I love the green accents in these shots.....moss and green very big at the fair.

This looks a little like my work room at the moment....must get into my spring cleaning soon. Bye for now i will post soon some of the items i have bought to give you all a sneak preview.....take care Manda

Thursday, August 5, 2010

More things have arrived today and are very new to the market....just released at the August gift fair which i am off to for the weekend. Don't know if am excited as i am now fully aware of just how exhausting and over whelming it is. Anyway has to be done. The above picture is a lovely small gift for any work room or home .
These are our new bags....great for office work or just a large tote.

The vintage birdcage is simply gorgeous....look great anywhere.

Entrance to the store.

The front of the store.....taken from across the street. Do you like the new pot plants out the front. Oh well must fly; literally, hope you all stay safe Amanda.