Friday, November 30, 2012

 Hi there; Christmas is just around the corner, so i thought i would tell you about the Killecrankie trees available for Tasmanian shoppers available on line.  You can purchase them online and then they are delivered to The Harvest Market in Cimitere St Launceston (Just around the corner from my store).  You can also request the Saturday you want it delivered between now and happy tree shopping.  Its so nice to have to a fresh tree to celebrate your Christmas with your family.
 You can pop around to my store and see all the decorations i have available for your decorations for the tree.   They also make a great small gift for a friend or work colleague,

Its also time to think about what you are going to put on your front door.......Have a great weekend everyone.x

Sunday, November 25, 2012

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Things just keep rolling in..........

 Everyday i am opening boxes and more boxes thinking where am i going to fit this, oh and this, and it goes on.  Some how i manage to find a spot for all our lovely new items and gift ideas for Christmas.  This year i have talked about my on-line store but unfortunately it wont be up and running before Christmas ; quite a bit more work than i had initially anticipated.  So; i have decided that everyday i will put up photos and prices so you can email me if you are interested and i can organise postage for you.  As a special offer for the first 10 buyers i will be offering free postage or shipping within Australia.  Good luck and happy shopping......The wreath in the above photo are $22 each.
 The coastal carved wooden birds are $29 each.
 These gorgeous printed cushions are $32 each
 This pewter look clock is lovely and is $129
 These letter or office organisers are $49 each.
And get festive with this wreath for your front door or table setting for $65 each........take care everyone . or phone 0363316065.