Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Well here we go more photos of misty mornings at our property; these photos my clever daughter Amy took. She recently was awarded highly recommended in a photo competition. I think she will continue taking photos for many years, loves all aspects especially the developing. I have had a few comments on these type of photos so i guess i was encouraged to show some more.

These are some of the recycled wooden crosses from South Africa which are very popular in the store. I will be looking for other types of crosses when i visit the gift fair next week.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tableware is something that can really make or break our dining experiences. Sometimes i think eating off beautiful china can actually make the food taste better....maybe i am a bit crazy. Check out the beautiful french linens in the above photo, one of my loves. A few chips or crazing doesn't worry me at all, it just adds to the beauty of its aged appearance, and besides it always ends up being cheaper if you are buying it through an antique store or market stall. Today i am continuing my restoration of a few pieces for my i will post you some shots when i have finished them. I must admit i am getting a bit sick of doing things up, i have been doing it for years and years, quite a messy job. Enjoy your day.

Friday, July 24, 2009

A cast iron urn full of french soaps.

Emma outside the store rugged up in her winter woollies; she will kill me if she knows i have put this on my site.......oh well. The store has been still keeping me quite busy, looking at all the stock i will need in the months leading up to Christmas. I seem to do quite a bit of research before i go buying so i know basically what i am up for and certainly what i am needing. I have had a few comments that the store is looking a bit bare but it is winter and with the road works continuing on and on down the road it has slowed things down considerably. Anyway you soldier on and hope that things may improve . I am one to keep a positive face and think ahead. This weekend i am finishing off a few pieces of furniture that i have been working on, but with my eye not being great i have avoided doing that kind of work. Oh well armed with protective glasses and mask maybe it wont hurt.

This lamp is new in store, a lovely iron base with a linen shade.

A shot of the front facade of my store; i hope you like it.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

This little table is really versatile, goes easily in any corner,beside a bed or just a little table for beside the couch to put a cuppa on.
Here are some little lavender hearts i have just made for my store with my own logo on the front and toile or striped ticking on the back; perfect to hang off a door handle to make the room smell nice.

These crosses are made out of recycled wood in Africa.

A french clock face in store. Happy blogging.......

Friday, July 17, 2009

Hey, i have been a bit slack with my posts lately; other things on my mind. Anyway the store has more new bits filtering in, back in are the large round rattan underplates which make a great platter for nibbles but also looks fantastic with a large glass food dome over the top. The rattan fishing baskets on the bottom shelf of the above shot,they are great for storage of any kind,and are beautifully made.
This linen two seater couch and cushions would look good in any home. The natural colour linen is a great foil for many other cushions , so so comfortable.

A view through the front window......

This is a great wall decoration ; tree with birds. They have been a great seller in the store.

Monday, July 13, 2009

On a thin rope work by Michael Mcwilliams

Mary heading up to feed the chooks, work by Michael McWilliams

Ikeys Frustrations work by Michael McWilliams

Pammy up close work by Michael McWilliams

Here are some more works by my brother Michael McWilliams. His exhibition was a huge success, selling out in only a matter of hours. Congratulations to him, i am so so proud of him and his work.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Photo by Robin Stubbert Having to start thinking of Christmas as Emma and I are off to Melbourne soon for the gift fair. I know it sounds crazy but it comes around very quickly, especially when you have a store. I am making a lot of decorations this year so it sets my store apart from the others; so busy busy times ahead.....lots of linen and toiles in red and cream. Love the toile quilt on bed in this gorgeous childs bedroom. The other photos below also have beautiful toiles and fabric combinations. I think christmas at The Vintage Rose this year will be quite exciting especially being our 3rd christmas since opening.
Love the covers on these out door dining chairs; beautiful toile.
photo by Robin Stubbert

More beautiful toile quilts. More inspiration.
Photo by Robin Stubbert

Beautiful still life; photo by Robin Stubbert.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ikey and Native Hens 2003 works by Michael McWilliams

Three in a Row 2007 works by Michael McWilliams

Aqua Roo 2007 works by Michael McWilliams

The Hayjackers 2007 works by Michael McWilliams

These are a selection of paintings by an artist that i adore; his work not only displays his immense talent and eye for detail but also his love of nature; giving us the opportunity to see it through his eyes. His work also releases an inner satire and humour that the artist obviously enjoys for us to see. Mcwilliams has been painting for many years and is managed by Lauraine Diggins in Melbourne where he has exhibits in her gallery every second year. His recent exhibition is coming up running from opening night on July the 10th to the 4 th of August at Bett Gallery at 369 Elizabeth St North Hobart Tasmania; and if you want to see more explore website:
I have a particular interest in this artist because not only is he unbelievably talented but he is also my brother.... Please do not use these photos on other blogs or web sites Thankyou.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Some beautiful tulips that Emma has bought in from Lake Barrington. She will be doing bouquets at The Farmers Market at Delicacy in Launceston this Sunday.
Today has been quite a good day in store we have new things in; candlesticks in the forground
in the above photo. The cutlery is a great seller in the photo below.

This is a new clock that has just arrived; what a statement on any wall.

And last, but certainly not least, the new birdy napkin rings . I really love these. I didn't have such good luck in the antiquing front this week. I bid on a set of french cheese boards with an original rack for storage; beautiful, but it went way past my bid; oh well can't win them all.

Sorry i haven't been doing any posts of late. I have been busy with various celebrations; friends 50th birthday, husbands birthday and our Wedding Anniversary. Lots happening. Anyway the weather down in little old Tassie has been a bit ordinary lots of rain and more rain. So it has me dreaming of these holiday destinations of where i would like to visit. Maybe strolling down these little back streets in Italy like the two photos above or simply relaxing beside a pool on a sun lounger in Provence in France; either would do just fine. I don't mind the rain it just can be a bit depressing when it doesn't stop. My house is looking like a Chinese laundry with washing absolutely everywhere. If anyone out there in blog land has any suggestions of good holiday places to stay in France give me a comment because we are planning our first overseas trip to France next year.

Photos all via cote de Texas