Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Christmas is not far away......

 We are brimming with Christmas stock and gifts galore.  This year i have concentrated on buying a lot of smaller gift items which serve lots of gift ideas for friends, teachers gifts or simply something to take along to a summer barbecue, when you are told not to bring a thing.
 Even a decoration makes a lovely gift idea.......
 The store is full of wrapping inspirations.
 Lots of candles , cushions , and other body products.....all make great gifts.

Our new clock ; just arrived.  Don't leave things to the last minute, be prepared and get in early to get your choice of what we have available in store.  Look forward to seeing you.....x


WhiteWhispers2u said...

Oh so much i see I would love to buy.Do you have an online store yet? You have great style~Cheers Kim

The Vintage Rose said...

Hi Kim, No not yet the web designer i had lined up let me down , just in throws of finding another one; hopefully up and running before Christmas, see how we go. Take care Amanda

ohiofarmgirl said...

If only you were in Ohio! Love it all. Dianntha

arrielle_p said...

Beautiful! Christmas is really coming. I'll make mine this coming weekends at my manila condominiums! :D

Unknown said...

Hello Vintage Rose,

I'm just getting a new website together to showcase Tasmania and everything it has to offer (to ourselves and to visitors).

You seem a creative type, maybe you might be interested in contributing? I'd be happy to throw a link back to your blog. check it out at

and if you're still looking to get started with ecommerce check out my site at I can help you get started at a very low cost.

but I'm mainly interested in searching for creative (Tassie loving) people to help me with the Opinions website.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

John Anderson.
Sandy Bay,

Unknown said...

Nice photos that are precious

Unknown said...

I have just discovered your blog and I am so excited. Apparently we have the same favorite color palate!! I have no idea where you are, but I would love to join your blog. thank you!!