Saturday, May 30, 2009

A freezing cold day. I must get moving with something to warm me up Maybe i will start cleaning out my work room ready for some serious winter sewing. I need to start making things for the store, so to have it all organized is the plan. Here are just a few photos of the house and garden. A close up shot of my spice drawers and large rolling pins. One is an original from the Beaconsfield Bakery. The sideboard in the lounge is Scotish so i have been told ;at the moment i use it for all my magazines. The photo is of my father in law when he was a baby.

A more sunny photo to try and warm me up.......brrrrrrr.


lucyslounge-dee said...

you live in a beautiful house. i hate to rub your nose in it but in ireland the sun is splitting the trees its ama zing. whats seldom is wonderful.

ness lockyer said...

Wow, a piece of Beaconsfiled in your Kitchen. I love those little drawers.
...and you are right, it is cold. I am freezing. Been inside sewing all day near the fire.
Hope you warm up,
Ness xx

Simone said...

You always have such beautiful photos! I LOVE those spice drawers...beautiful!
Simone :)

Primrose said...

I am envious of it being so oold there! In Sydney it's cold but I miss that real biting chilly weather. More lovely photos!

Lynette said...

I am freezing too! Love the spice drawers and your garden looks great.
Lynette :)