Sunday, May 24, 2009

Some more photos of our bedroom and the front room to add to my other post. Have a great evening every one.


ness lockyer said...

It really is like an old french farmhouse Amanda...just perfect!
Ness xx

The Vintage Rose said...

Thanks Ness, I will share some photos which will show all the stages of building our home. I will not bore you all too much. But i guess it will show just how much work it really was; it nearly killed me, mixing concrete etc. etc. After nearly 2 years of 14 hour days, i burnt my work clothes and said never again. My husband would build again tomorrow, i guess it was easier for him, its his job. Thanks Ness you are so sweet x

Lynette said...

Really nice. Love the tablescape with that little chair and rustic cushion just gorgeous.
Lynette :)