Saturday, May 23, 2009

A day in the garden doing some sorting out. Having problems with the chooks getting out and scratching off my peastraw, so i need to get them contained before i continue with that job. Not a very nice day but i will rug up and no doubt i will soon warm up. Just about to have eggs and bacon for breakfast so i better go. May do a post later see you then.


*The Beautiful Life* said...

Okay I am about to ask what may be a very silly question, but... What does "rug up" mean? And what is peastraw? :)

Lovely post and so nice seeing your lovely grounds.

Thanks Amanda! ;)


ness lockyer said...

Sounds great. A not very nice day for the Markets though.
Your garden is beautiful Amanda and your breakfastsounds delish.
Ness xx

The Vintage Rose said...

Hi ruth, its not a silly question. Tasmania is very English in origin and i think rug-up may be an English saying, meaning put more clothes on and keep warm. Pea straw is cut from pea crops grown on farms locally; it makes a great mulch for the garden. Australia has suffered with dry weather and it is a good way to retain moisture in the soil, especially in the summer. I put it on in the Autumn, so its all ready for the springs burst.

Lynette said...

Love the fountain! I also have problems with my chooks digging up gardn beds I am trying to create.
Lynette :)

Rosy said...

Lovely garden, I just found your blog through Marley and Lockyer. Lovely shop too, I wish I lived closer.

Juju said...

What a beautiful view you have!