Thursday, May 21, 2009

Well i hope you like these pics of our home. My husband and i spent one and a half years building our home. It was quite a challenge for me because i had not attempted anything like this before. Sure i had restored old buildings and restored old furniture like some of which you see in these photos, but i had not tried to duplicate a building to look 100 years old. The barn which i have posted a photo of was an old barn we dismantled and remodeled to our own design. This was a huge undertaking, each board had to be pulled off and de-nailed so it could be loaded on the trailer and transported to our building site. All the beams and internal fitout of the barn were also demolished and transported. The idea of recycling reclaimed timbers sounds like a romantic notion and a cost effective idea however it is very time consuming and also a lot of hard, hard work. The end result is extremely worthwhile. The same applied with the construction of our house. Most of the bricks were reclaimed from a old building miles away, some had to be scraped and re-palleted. Nothing was easy but to get the result we had to put in the hard yard. There is still a lot to be done even 2 years later but most of the work we did ourselves so i guess thats ok, especially because my husband is now very busy working on the old general hospital in Launceston not far from where we live.


Lynette said...

What a gorgeous house you must be very proud and beautifully decorated and I love the garden did you build the stone walls as well. Love your shop will have to visit one day I live in Hobart.
Lynette :)

*The Beautiful Life* said...

I am speechless! How amazingly beautiful! The work you put into your home is beyond compare! And I thought I had it rough trying to renovate our home! :)

Gorgeous work! (A home magazine should pick you up as a feature!!)


ness lockyer said...

You should start Interior are a natural! Home Beautiful needs to hear about your house.
Ness xx