Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A photo of our home

Well it is hard to know what to write for your first blog entry. My two beautiful daughters have been giving me a hand in getting things started and are both excited about what i am going to share with all you bloggers out there. I think i will start with a series of photos and text of my house and garden and also some shots of my store The Vintage Rose and some of the latest goodies that have just arrived. Hopefully i can help inspire a few of you over the cold winter months with ideas and decorating tips. My eldest daughter Chloe and i have been busily planning what we are going to revamp for when she moves into the barn on our property in the next couple of months. I will keep you posted with all the different ideas and before and after shots for you to see. Amy my other daughter is busy in grade 9 with study and lots of after school sport. So i still have my fare share of running around. So between running my business and juggling family life things are pretty hectic; so i apologise now if i get way laid with my postings. Life is basically pretty good i consider myself a very lucky person that basically loves life and the oportunities it offers.

This is the barn that my daughter

will be moving into

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