Wednesday, May 27, 2009

These are just a few of my loves for you to look at. Linen i have always adored, rolling pins i have a real thing for there shapes and how none of them are ever the same, old crackled paintings are beautiful, leather suitcases you wonder where they have travelled and cupids are so gorgeous.


ness lockyer said...

Your loves are, well lovely! How can anyone ever tire of linen, worn wood...etc?
Have a great day, Amanda.
Ness xx

Lynette said...

Absolutely in love with your cherub love them and can never get enough of them. Your treasures are really lovely.
Lynette :)

Juju said...

I adore the rolling pins!

Primrose said...

Hello Amanda,
I found your gorgeous Blog today through your friend's Blog (Ness) As an ex-Tasmanian who now lives in Sydney you made me feel so homesick! I adore all your images and your shop looks wonderful. I must tell my folks about your shop. They love to browse antique shops and often go to Launceston. I don't write a Blog myself but love to browse Blogs and I'll definitely continue to visit you.

*The Beautiful Life* said...

Hi Amanda, I am so enjoying you blog! I have a kind of unusual question for you...what color is the paint on the walls in some of the pictures here? Is it tan? Green? Whatever it is, it seems so calming and classic.

Thanks so much for the peeks into your home and store!


The Vintage Rose said...

Thanks again Ruth for your comments. In answer to your question i actually mixed it myself, its actually a wheat type colour with very slight green under tones. If you lived here i would give you a little sample pot so you could have it colour matched. Most of the colours in the house i have mixed and tinted myself to get the exact colour i wanted. Amanda