Thursday, May 21, 2009

Well here are some photos of my store The Vintage Rose which is situated at 37 Tamar St Launceston Tasmania Australia. It has been operating now for 2 years and i can honestly say i should have been doing this years ago. My career was based around fashion and design and although i loved it and all my customers i am not afraid to say i love this more. I have already established a regular customer base which i am very proud of. In fact i think sometimes all their positive smiling faces sometimes keep me going. They are all fantastic and i can honestly say i dont have any horrible customers; they are all GREAT. It is hard to say what the next year is going to present . I am going to diversify with an exclusive line of my own instore designs which i will share with you in future posts. I am excited because they are things that i havent seen anyone else do.


Lis said...

love your shop and thanks for sharing the photos of your home, just husband gave me the best birthday present ever from your shop (it was a gorgeous coogans meat safe)
thanks so much for sharing and I know I will be back for more inspiration

The Vintage Rose said...

Thanks lis for your posting, it was my very first comment on my newly formed blogsite. Very exciting. I think i remember your husband coming in and buying it for you. Did he work at Sportsrider a while ago. Anyway i hope you are enjoying it. Manda