Friday, May 29, 2009

I love mixing vegetables like artichokes in amongst other flowering perenials, (they used to do that a lot in the victorian era). We are currently working on the bush area of the garden, cleaning up all the undergrowth and resowing seed so grass will hopefully grow. We have also put in a huge lake which is already holding a considerable amount of water from the last big rain we had. Water is going to be a huge problem in the future, so we thought it would be a good water source for us in the future for our garden. We are constructing a pontoon over the lake which we may construct a pizza oven. Well these are the plans, always planning. Off to work soon so i will have to sign out and maybe a may post you some photos of our new products in store. See you then.


ness lockyer said...

Where did you get the wicker cloche? I love it. Your garden is lovely.
Have fun,
Ness xx

The Vintage Rose said...

Hi Ness, how are you going. In answer to your question The Vintage Rose; but i got them through Heaven on Earth. They are quite expensive because they are bamboo made in England. I hope this has been of some help. Amanda x

Primrose said...

Beautiful garden photos! It looks so enchanted.

Lynette said...

Having a lake sounds wonderful with a patoon and everything your outdoor area looks fantastic!
Lynette :)