Friday, May 22, 2009

After i wash up and get ready i will be off to work today. Helping Emma with some flowers that she wants to sell at the Evandale Market on Sunday;busy morning. I hope you like my kitchen sink. We found the cast iron sink at a salvage shop for 20 dollars. The Georgian decoy ducks come from my brothers antique shop at Longford called Longford Antiques. The olive oil bottles we sell in my shop. Yes another collection of mine; old birdcages, that i have collected from all over the place. The bench seat came from my husbands old sunday school. When i was restoring it , it had cow manure on the tread underneath where the young children had put their feet; he he.

The Welsh corner cabinet in our main lounge came in a container from England when mum and dad ran the shop at Longford(its been operating for over 30 years). The table you see in the background was a real find at a junk shop for 200 dollars. The legs were painted gloss white and the top was covered in black stain. After i cleaned it back i realised it probably was an old wool table from a shearing shed from some big old farm. We had been looking for a table to seat at least 8, for years and years, and couldnt afford to spend a fortune. One of my best finds. The candlesticks on the table my husband made me.
A collection of old shoes. The baby one is from Paris, it has the eiffle tower stamped on the bottom.

A French cupboard i found at auction and the food cover is from my shop. The little cafe chair i picked up from the Evandale Market years ago.

Thankyou to all those out there that have already added me and read my postings and left a comment. I am still learning one day i will contact you (when i know how) and say thanks individually. Its so interesting hearing what you have to say; i guess each and every one of us gets caught up in our own little world. Thanks to blogging not any more.


*The Beautiful Life* said...

Well I, for one, am happy to be "caught up" in your little world! :)

I was just in heaven looking at today's photos. Oh to have a sink and countertop like yours!! What is the wood that your counters are made from?

And that little French shoe! I know I should not covet, but... :)

Thanks for another wonderful post! It is nearly bedtime here in Florida -- strange (in a fun way) to hear you say you are now off to work... Small world, isn't it?

Best to you,

P.S. -- you can click on the link next to each comment that is left for you (the link being the name of the person usually) to click over to that person's blog (if they have one). From there, you should be able to find where to contact them if you choose to. :)

Katrina Chambers said...

Oh wow your home and it's treasures are just fabulous!

Linda Carswell said...

Welcome to the world of 'blogging', I am in Hobart and hope to visit your shop, it looks wonderful. I am relavitey new to blogging (3mths) and it is so addictive...I love it.

Lynette said...

Thank-you for the tour of your home it is stunning. Love it all!
Lynette :)