Monday, June 1, 2009

Today i did a rust finish on this french-style urn which i am going to plant a bay tree in. I love the look of the rust finish and it also works well with the deep burgundy trim on the house and the colour of the barn.

This is a little bird that we sell at The Vintage Rose. It also has the rust finish applied. The chicken wire cloche is made in Africa by Tractor Home.

Today i went for a big long walk and also went to the gym. Its hard to get back into exercise when you have things to do around the home and at work; i think you have to make that extra effort to go . Anyway home in time to cook tea and do a posting for all you bloggers out there....dont you hate the name blogger, i wish they thought of a more glamorous term.


RosenHerz said...

What a pretty nice Blog! I want to invite you to visit my Austrian Blog!
Greetings from Austria

ness lockyer said...

I love that rust stuff, best invention ever!! The Anduze pot looks great in this finish.
You are so right about the blogger's hideous. Oh well. I actually stopped in to the Shop today, forgetting you arent open Mondays...durr! I will have to come see you next time I am in town.
Ness xx

Lynette said...

Love the little bird and urns in the cloth very nice. I have similar french style urns in cream they are lovely.
Lynette :)

Fabulously french said...

I love the urn, I have not heard about the rust stuff before, I must see if they sell it here in France.

Leeann x

Primrose said...

Yes, I have never heard of the rust job before. I shall definitely look into it. Seems so funny the way we try to age things. I hadn't stopped to think about the term Blogger but I can see what you mean. Never mind A Vintage Rose by an other name would smell as sweet etc.
I think you are brilliant for going to the gym. There's a large one on the corner where I live but I am still resisting. I do put the odd yoga or pilates workout on but that's about it!