Monday, February 1, 2010

Some more Tassie wilderness shots.

During the holiday period we went up to Russell Falls where Amy once again went snap happy. So here are some of the shots i have been meaning to show you; it was just superb....crystal clear water and clear clean cant get it much better.

This is one of her arty shots of a beach on the coast and a couple of guys fishing for brim.

Check out the water...


Janine Marshall said...

Great shots Amy! I think I love the second picture of the two guys fishing for brim. How the light hits the sand, you have managed to capture it so beautifully. Well done. Hi Manda, hows it going??? Had a busy day at the store today I'm sure, been hotter up there than here...have you melted yet? Anyway, better go and do some jobs I didn't have time to do today.
Take care
N.W. Coast

Julienne said...

Just glorious. We were lucky enough to live in Tasmania for about 12 years (we have also lived in SA Vic. NSW and QLD)and it is the sheer beuty of Tasmania that I miss. When I get better at it and used to our new scanner I will blog photos of the houses we had in Hobart. Thank you for bringing back the memories!