Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The garden is so so dry

A misty morning around the fountain in the side garden; i love these mornings for gardening. It certainly beats being out there when it is so hot.
Another Autumn shot of the side garden.
This is looking up the back at the veggie and herb garden. I have started replacing the veggies with roses as i simply don't have the time.

Just after a good cut back and a dig over ready for mulching down for the winter months.


Janine Marshall said...

Tell me about it Manda! My garden doesn't look half as good as yours. I'm struggling to find the time to water the garden as I should. My hydrangeas aren't as good as I thought they would be and I'm sure it's because of the water. Enjoy the rest of your week.
Take care
N.W. Coast

Julienne said...

Today we had the weeds officer come in at 6a.m. and spray our entire lawn. With the 10 years of drought the lawn had shrunk and the cat head, khaki weed and various other menaces have taken over. The four dogs tiptoe carefully in roundabout paths to avoid the nasties! (how do they know?) Next week we will be living in a dust bowl! Your garden looks lovely and I remember those beautiful Tasmanian mornings. I look forward to more visits with you!

Fabulously french said...

Amanda, I wish that it was dry here. It has rained a lot this winter so the ground is very soiggy. Mr FF had to go and tow a friend's car yesterday who had got himself stuck on a clients lawn. Needless to say the lawn looked a bit of a mess.

A bientot,

Leeann x

MelsRosePlace said...

YOur garden looks heavenly. I dont know what is going on with our country - we are on the Gold Coast and its green like Ireland (usually dry !)and you are in Tassie where i always thought it should be green, green, green and its dry. I love the mist shot and i am thinking its a bit cooler there, so humid here im over it. Mel xxx

daniela rota nodari said...

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