Thursday, February 18, 2010

Feeling Romantic

Not really; only these shots would make any die hard romantic get in the mood. The above shot is off a film set and oh wow how gorgeous you could just about live only in just this one room.
These photos wow, so amazing, such a brilliant eye. The world of blogging certainly opens your eyes to all the talented people we have in this wonderful world. Well welcome to the world of photographer/ stylist Hvi'ur Lakkis, just awesome hop across to my bloglist and there you will see her site. Enjoy because it is not just a blog but a whole new experience of an extremely talented person.


Katrina Chambers said...

Gorgeous pictures!

Irene b said...

you are always abl t surprise me with your great discovery!

Tia said...

Ohhhh I`m floating here ! My 2.5 year old painted our couch today so "romatic white room" is a long way off LOL still . I can dream ;0)
LOVE the photo with the old tin bath !

Mc Allen said...

looks absolutely perfect. I love the way the sheers hung and a breeze blowing though... ahhhhhhhhhhhh... Love it, beautiful! xoxo LAo