Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bastide location

I love this style with measure of contemporary and a little of french vintage. Having a great time working out my theme and colour ways for this year in store. I have all these plans to make a few changes just to keep things fresh and happening especially because this year is my 3rd year of trading. I plan on changing my labels and maybe some of my packaging and maybe put some floating walls to divide the store into rooms. This will enable me to put more things up against them and give the store a slightly different feel. Tell me what you think.
Love this photo as well the whole look is very earthy and welcoming. Lamps certainly set the mood.


Janine Marshall said...

Hi Amanda,

Love the pictures today....I especially love the lamps in the second picture. These lamps would look great anywhere...from the dining room, lounge room and kitchen with fresh herbs in them ready to cook with. I think your ideas for your store sound fantastic! I think you should go ahead and do it...sounds like it is the right direction for your business to grow and evolve and I mean this as encouragement, certainly not as a criticism...hope you are well and are having a great start to what will no doubt be a very busy week.
Take care.

Irene b said...

Your store is definitivly the place i'd like to be in this moment! waiting avery day for your picture,love

Jolanda said...

Looks great, just like the pictures off your home, greetings Jolanda

Ness Lockyer said...

Sounds very interesting. I would love to come and play around with displays in your shop. It would be like a kid in a candy store!
What ever you do will look amazing.
Ness xx

Anonymous said...

Goeie morgen Amanda, I just found your comment on Coty's blog. My daughter returned from Australia last week after a four month journey. She has also visited your town, probably walked by your store or house...and that while we are in the far off country The Netherlands ( Holland, Nederland ).
She has many wonderful photo's of Tasmania that to us is the other end of the world really. To give you an idea: we are a four hour drive by car from Paris. I wish I found you earlier and my Laura would have paid you a visit.
Good luck and enjoy all the changes you are planning to make.

daniela rota nodari said...

Lovely pictures!!!
I will come soon to seeyou!
Kisses :)


Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Hi Amanda,

My name is Sandy, first time visitor. Great pics! Your home is amazing . . It's beautiful! How blessed you are. Enjoyed my visit.

red ticking said...

i am speechless... i adore this... all rough and tumbled yet elegant... i love your blog and will enjoy following... xx

comien said...

I want to visit your shop. Do you have an online site for the shop?

Margaret said...

Hello Amanda,
I'm an ex Launcestonian now living in NSW and I love your shop, I didn't see it last time I was down there for a few days visiting rellies.
I think your idea of creating 'rooms' is good as you can show customers how different ideas will look in various parts of their home. Very inspiring.