Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More on the store......

Well yesterday was an interesting day in store when a lovely lady from Brisbane came up to me and said she was a designer from Brisbane that has been following my blog. I gave her a big smile and it suddenly dawned on me......people actually read my blog and actually take interest in what i am doing. Sometimes i think i am just typing away to myself dribbling all this stuff about my day to day life, a bit like a diary i guess but no people out there actually are reading and maybe even enjoying what i do. Thanks it does mean a lot to me and yes it does spurr me on. I have made a big decision in the last couple of weeks to do an online store, so people can actually purchase things and have them sent to them. I hope this makes a few of you die hard shoppers happy; i think it really is the way of the future.
Da da the new day bead that has been on order for a while really happy with it and it is soooo
comfortable. Its been so hot down here the other day i could have curled up on it and had a snooze but i didn't think that would have been a good look with people coming in.
A little garden display.

A posy that i have put together out of my garden flowers....

Ah yes the 'pears' they are back in store after popular demand from the customers.


Fabulously french said...

Amanda, the shop looks fabulous. Love your new day bed, I recently bought an antique one similar in style and plan to use it in the hallway of one of the apartments. Infact I had a couple of cushions made in the US which arrived today.

The online shop is definitely the way to go, I speak from experience :-)

A bientot mon ami,


*The Beautiful Life* said...

Of course we read your blog!!! :)

We may not always be so good about commenting (guilty as charged, here) but we definitely love to stop by!! :)

When you open up online, will you ship outside Tazmania?

I've had an online store for over 10 years and it is wonderful! Best of luck to you!!! :)


Simply Stated ~ Rebecca said...

Congrats ~ I am so excited to hear you have decided to give an online store a try. Wishing you all the best, your pics of the shop are wonderful. Take care ~ Rebecca

Jolanda said...

I read your blog from the other side of te world: the netherland, Rotterdam.
I like it and good luck with all your plans!
greetings from Jolanda

Dreaming In Pink With Roses said...

Hi Amanda! Yes! I read your Blog! You have such a Beautiful Shop! An online shop sounds like a fabulous idea for you! You always have such gorgeous things! Let us know if you will be opening up to international orders! I'm in Maryland in the USA...

Try to stay cool in your hot weather you guys are having! We are having another blizzard! If you need to cool off.. Stop by my blog & take a peek at all of our snow! lol

Big Hugs ~ Teresa

The Shabby Cottage said...

Hi Amanda, love the shop images everything looks so gorgeous I wish I could pop over for the weekend. Good excuse to visit some relatives I would say. Great move going on-line and looking forward to some nice purchases. Have a good day. Sandy x

Lynette said...

Love your blog even though I have been guilty of not leaving comments sorry about that. Cannot wait for your online shop! Love the day bed absolutely divine can I ask the price? May need to come up to Launnie to have a look at it.
Lynette :)

Sussi's värld said...

I just found your blog and it's lovely.
Will be back soon:-)

Mariah said...

love the pears. you really need an online store. xoxooxx

Poppy Q said...

I love reading your blog and it makes me want to cross the Tasman, and come over and buy the whole shop.

So yippee for an online shop!!

Wellington, NZ

Jaana said...

Oh what a lovely blog. Have to say Love at First sight! Have to love your blog. I had to become a reader so I can see asap what you have blogged!

Very Lovely Valentine's day to you!

- Jaana