Wednesday, September 1, 2010

More new stock

Things are arriving in nearly daily. Today we received a whole lot of quilts which is perfect timing for this weather, as our nights can be still a bit cold but our days lovely. Also with spring cleaning thoughts floating around customers will be thinking of a variety of ways to give their rooms a new look. Hopefully the cushions will arrive soon and that will be another way to freshen things up for spring. I am in the mood for a real change around at home its just convincing hubbie to help me move some of my bigger more heavier pieces. I will post some photos if my plans are successful.

A window display of my new garments that have arrived. Already creating a lot of interest which is great. Oh well i better shut shop and get home to cook tea for the tribes. Take care everyone.


Mrs. Sutton said...

Amanda, if I could lift up your entire shop and transport it back here to Norfolk, England, I would! I love absolutley EVERYTHING in your shop (and believe me - I've studied those pictures!). Your styling is impeccable. Thanks for the inspiration! xx

Jenny said...

I wish I could fly over there and just sit in your shop all day ... and night!! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!
I can't wait for our holiday to Tassy!!