Monday, September 20, 2010

A day in the garden with Macey

What a beautiful day its been out in the sunshine working away in the garden. My little friend Macey has been closely by my side the whole day digging along side with me. She is so funny; i am sure she thinks she is helping me. Things are all starting to shoot now and it wont be long before we see blossom forming on the trees.
This is a new double hellebore which i have just bought. I have the white one and it is doing really well and has even self-seeded. I love the mass they provide in the garden.

Here is a sneak preview of my new chooks, aren't they beautiful.

My number one helper today; love having her with me and so happy that she came back home.

The single pink hellebore in the background with the small white/blue comfrey in the fore ground. Cant wait to get everything cleaned up with the potager all prepared for some vegetable planting. I am going to put some lettuces , herbs and other goodies as soon as it is ready. Wish i had another couple of days to get things all finished. Take care and i will post some more shop photos tomorrow for you to see .....more new things.


Belinda said...

Thinking of getting chickens and LOVE the coop - can I ask where you got it?

It's so lovely but a bit disorientating seeing your beautiful hellebores as we are nosediving into autumn!

robyn said...

So very nice of Macey to help you garden! She is adorable! We too have a sweet little doggie named Macy. She is a rescued boxer and we had to drive 5 hours to get her and we ended up sitting in front of the MACY'S dept. store in NY city for about an hour because of the traffic, so that's what we named her. ;-) She has more personality than some people I know!

The Sea Garden said...

Hello Amanda,

What a beautiful garden and darling doggie!I love your chooks too!

Janine Marshall said...

Hi Manda,

So glad Macey has been found! Did you ever find out where she had got to? Anyway, I think my most favourite picture from this post is the last picture. LOVE the single pink helebore in the background. It looks stunning. Have a greatg day today and will call in again soon.
Take care
N.W. Coast Tassie

Susy @ The Feathered Nest said...

Your garden is wonderful - it must bring you a lot of joy, and just a wee bit of work. But what fun when you have a sidekick like Macey. How does she like the chickens?