Sunday, November 8, 2009

Well here are some of my photos taken before the magazine shoot last Tuesday; i dont think they will mind me showing off mine because they will all be so different. They did quite al lot of changing around and adding of their own props to create what i think was meant to be a more relaxed look. I didnt quite get it but anyway; i saw some of the shots and they looked will just have to wait and see when it comes out.
A bit of a change around in the hall; i was happy with my overall look.

Not much of a change in the kitchen except the old reclaimed beam over the dining table and the rust painted shades over the island bench, oh and the red stool under the clock for a splash of colour.

A closer look at my kitchen; you will be able to compare the shots to their styling.

A few alterations to the mantle display, a basket of country style mags in a egyptian woven basket and a few tapestry cushion that were my mums. That was about the only changes i made to our front lounge.


ness lockyer said...

It looks always! I cant wait for the issue to come out. Did they tell you when it would be?
Ness xx

Lynette said...

Your home looks fabulous, I don't see why they need to change anything, can't wait to see it in print congratulations!
Lynette :)

Janine Marshall said...

Hi Amanda,

Your home is beautiful. Where to begin!!! Love your 1928 cane basket. Do you put shoes in it??? Love the arrangement in the hallway, very nice. Love the lounge room, let's face it, can't go wrong with white slip-covers. Do you like living with them. Would you have them again??? I know, I know, so many questions!! Anyway, congratulations with the magazine. I will keep my eyes open with each issue that comes out. Better go, I am spring-cleaning (after the painters and plasterers have been here). I have stuff everywhere and I think if someone paid me a visit I would die!!!! Trying to get as much done before the kids come home from school. Enjoy the rest of your day - sunshine out, just gorgeous!!!!

N.W. Coast

Anonymous said...

hi there i love looking at your stock but live in nz. I was just wondering if you would share the colour on the walls of your kitchen and the colour on the door? many thanks and look forward to more posts. jo
p.s what mag is your house to be published in?

The Vintage Rose said...

Dear Jo in answer to your question i actually mixed the colour myself but Porters Pale clay is a very similar colour you could have it in an Egg shell mix low sheen. Oh Country Style is the mag. Mandax

Josephine Tale Peddler said...

Hi Amanda, Can't wait for the magazine to hit the shelves. Your house look so TIDY!! It would take me a year to make it presentable for a camera crew! xx

Simply Stated ~ Rebecca said...

Simply beautiful ~ congrats!