Friday, November 20, 2009

Today is raining and i am just heading into work which will be interesting as the rain can either keep people away or bring them in. We will have to wait and see. Here are some more summer garden shots to add to my collection.
Looking across the potager to our chook pen. The girls are doing very well.....bacon and eggs for breakfast; yum.

A close up of our front door. The sandstone is recycled from the old Westbury bridge that was pulled down some years ago.

Looking through the arbour along the front garden path.

Our water fountain in the side garden....lucky find from Tedworth at Oatlands apparently. Dinner party tonight at the Skipper house hold so i probably wont post again until
Monday see you then.......have a great weekend everyone.


Janine Marshall said...

Hi Amanda,

Been raining here today, still is. We are heading into town to do some shopping. The tags, cards etc., that you featured yesterday are really beautiful. Now I can understand why you were so excited to receive them. They too will sell like hot cakes, much like everything else in your store!!!! Your garden looks beautiful (I sound like a broken record here). It's so nice to see really nice garden furniture/accessories, I think they can add another dimension to a garden. Love the fountain, arbour and statue of cupid/angel. I am still on the lookout here for a garden bench, some chairs etc., to sit outside. My garden isn't as nice as yours but I'm working on it. You are an inspiration 'cause when I see photo's of yours it makes me want to have a better garden. Have a lovely dinner party tonight, I'm sure it will go off well and enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!!

Take care

red bamboo said...

I just finished reading Julie Childs 'My life in France' and the pictures of your beautiful garden and home, fit right in with the story and make me want to travel! Can see why your store has such a good feel to it as well - it has all started at home.