Monday, November 23, 2009

Christmas is creeping up on us

Things are getting quite hectic for me now and i must admit at this time every year it gets like this.....a bit crazy. So i will apologize now if the posts become thin are my responses become short or non existent. I have a very busy week ahead with about 4 lots of different stock arriving this week and probably the same next week. This spells boxes and more boxes and lots of sorting and re-arranging. I must admit i still get excited when new stock arrives especially when it is from a new supplier. Yesterday i made these cute hessian bird tags which you can hang on the tree i am quite happy with them. I also started doing up my clothes rack and found that it was colonial cedar; so a lovely surprise. We also had a family photo shoot with photographer Nichol Darcy who was lovely. We decided that if Chloe was going (which now she is not sure, could have something to do with some young man she has now met or the fact she has 3 really great jobs here ) so who knows. Anyway the idea was a family shot which we have never had done, and some shots maybe for a small album. Looking forward to seeing what Nichol comes up with ;i am sure they will be awesome as her photos are delightful.

We have some great wrappings and ribbons coming into store today or tomorrow which will inspire all you paper/ribbon fans. They are such beautiful quality; just a special touch for any Christmas gift. I wish you all the best over this Christmas period, just take the time out to enjoy the simple delights that this time brings us and try not to get bogged down in that commercial whirl wind that some people have created. Life is too short and so is Christmas it comes and goes so quickly in a blink its gone; try to slow it down by spacing it out with your entertaining, cooking and present buying and make it simple, then you will be able to see how special it really is....
photos by modern country


Janine Marshall said...

Hi Amanda,

Thought I would do a quick "call in" today, before my day gets hectic. Yes Christmas is creeping up on us and I am far from organised!! Trying not to panic, a little hard as each day passes by, but by the time Christmas Day does arrive it all comes together miraculously!! Have a great (if very busy week). I think it's great you still get excited when unpacking all the boxes when they arrive! It shows great enthusiasm and that must go a long way to creating a great business (In my very humble opinion). Anyway, better fly. Have a great day today and enjoy the rest of your week!!!
Take Care


Fabulously french said...

Sounds like you are having a fabulous time there Amanada.

I adore receiving parcels and fget disappointed if the Post Man does not have anything for me. I adore making things and am about to start making some christmas decorations. I love your parcel wrapping. Yesterday I used some old french music sheets to line my antique bird cage - they look great.

Bon courage

Leeann x