Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The garden is bursting with colour

An old kitchen dresser with my brothers painting of chooks on it. Now apart of entertaining area. The pots are old Campbell 's Pottery.

Views from our deck.

Ah do you like our outside lights that i rust painted. All done for the magazine shoot.

Some of our old fashioned roses are beautiful at the moment.


Janine Marshall said...

Hi Miss Amanda!!!

I remember the dresser with the chooks painted on it from a few years ago, featured in a country magazine and it was in your old kitchen. (Promise I'm not a stalker). Your garden looks lovely Amanda, lots of hard work and many hours in it. Your posting yesterday, of your christmas stock looks beautiful. I did notice in your last photo with the christmas tree in it, to the left of that looks like a lovely mirror with engraving that stands out (I'm sure they have a proper name for it). Do you think it would look good above my sideboard???? Just a thought!!! Better go and see if I can make a big hole in the bookkeeping, so I can get back to springcleaning!!! Just about to embark on the bedrooms, so getting there slowerly. Oh, by the way, received the bill from the painter, let's just say I now know where your bill is coming from.
Take care and have a great day tomorrow. Been a real treat "calling in" and reading your posts. Thoroughly spoilt and enjoying them!


Simply Stated ~ Rebecca said...

All so beautiful! ~ Rebecca

Virginia Kim said...

Hi Amanda,

This is a bit of an odd request!

I work in Parliament House and we have The Hayjackers 2007 by Michael McWilliams hanging up in our reception area. The painting was chosen by our receptionist and continues to make many a guest smile - especially the tasmanian tiger hiding in the painting.

Our receptionist is sadly leaving us for greener pastures and we would love to give her a memento of her time with us.

I noticed that you had uploaded a photo of your brother's painting and would love to get a large card made up using the image of the painting. I am looking for a hi resolution shot of this image for our card, are you able to help with this?

Thank you,

Virginia Kim said...

Oh and my contact details:

or 02 9726 4100

Ness Lockyer said...

Your home is so lovely and the view from the deck is stunning!
Ness xx