Sunday, November 29, 2009

pretty in pink and roses

Today has been freezing but skip and i have been working up in the barn doing up furniture; so quite a productive day. I have completed two french tables which are beautiful and have turned out better than i have expected and Skip has been doing up a french antique tool bench which came out of the same container. I will show you some photos later. So i decided on doing a pretty post seeing that we have been both up cleaning the barn and restoring and basically getting dirty and both smelling of metho and linseed oil.
This is my pheasant design antique china which i absolutely love.

A vintage photo of my late father in law when he was a baby; saved from being thrown out.

One of a pair of early jugs given to me by my mother.

And last but not least a lovely bunch of roses picked from my garden.

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Janine Marshall said...

Hi Amanda,
Have just caught up reading the last couple of posts, thanks for the pretties today. The marble pears look really lovely and love the tolix chair. Hope you have a great day today. Always enjoy "calling in". Great job posting as always!!
Take Care

N.W. Coast