Wednesday, November 25, 2009

More stock and more stock.....

This our new natural body products which we have body milk, body spray, hand wash for the kitchen and bathroom,bubble bath and beautiful soaps and candles. All of these are selling quickly and i doubt freighting after this next week is going to be easy.

Yes Lilli and Lulu has arrived and my antique rack and vintage hangers set everything off. I have already had a good response even though they only arrived yesterday. Tell me what you think of my antique colonial cedar rack; what a find couldn't believe my eyes when i was stripping the red oxide stain from it......ya.

We will model some of the clothes for you soon .....have a great day.


White Flower Farmhouse said...

wow! it looks amazing in there! I can't believe how much more spectacular it looks in your shop day after day!

I love all of the new things you've brought in. and that rack is unreal! absolutely superb.

if only you weren't so very far away.

Ness Lockyer said...!
I think Mic will try and keep me away for a while =0)
That rack is gorgeous and all of your new items are amazing. I am really loving the new wrapping paper you have in.
Ness xx

Janine Marshall said...

Hi Amanda,

Your new wooden clothes rack looks amazing and I agree wholeheartedly...what a find!!! The linen clothing range looks stunning. Hope it won't be too long before I darken the door. Take care and I hope you enjoy your weekend.

N.W. Coast

Charlotte said...

Hi there, I just found your blog and I love your photography! I can't find any contact info, but i was wondering if you would grant me permission to use one of your pictures on my blog? With full credit of course. Thanks! xx

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