Thursday, October 8, 2009

Come on weather.......

Well hello everyone; sick and tired of the weather, if its not raining its freezing cold. I have been so sick whooping cough not nice i can tell you. Anyway on the improve and hoping to get back on track with everything planned for the shop and home; especially before country style come to do my photo shoot. Feel a little lost without my camera so hopefully i will have a new one soon. The photo above has inspired me as we are building a little shed up the back and i am hoping it will look a little like this, by the way i have had this on file for a while so i am afraid i cannot tell you the source. I hope you all have a great weekend; maybe we might get our dam fixed after it burst some time ago......hope so.

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ness lockyer said...

So nice to see you back Amanda and it was nice to catch up with you yesterday. I hope you are feeling better soon. At least the weather was nice today...fingers crossed it is like this all weekend.
Ness xx