Thursday, October 15, 2009

Some more photos of stock and more to come....

Emma has been busy today doing the flowers for a cocktail launch at Justin Paul. They were two massive urns one with bright spring colours and the other was all whites and greens. We were happy with them.
This is our new calender wall plaque which can be used for every year.
Our gorgeous cosmetic purses.

An old demijohn from an old property on the north coast.

An old shortbread mould and our new coasters with hens and roosters on them.

Our Tonic range with soaps, hand creams, hand washes, candles and reed diffusers, always proves to be a great seller. The papers are just beautiful.

Small linen cosmetic purses from Villa Maison; little cuties.

Extra large linen cushions and on top our storage baskets made in Egypt.


Janine Marshall said...

Hi Amanda,

I've been alday doing bookwork, so I've allowed myself a little treat to catch up on one or two blogs!!! You know I always love what you have in your shop. I especially love the demijohn and the linen cushions! Is there an insert that comes with them and if there is would it happen to be down??? I know I commented before when you had them a few months back, but are these the same price??? Hope you have a good weekend. Hopefully the rain will stay garden is a disgraceful weed pit at the moment. Lots of work to do to it before Christmas...Bye for now...

N.W. Coast

The Vintage Rose said...

Hi Janine, thanks for your comment; in answer to your question about the cushions they are double the size of the others and sell for 85 dollars and the inserts are just normal ones. Happy weeding Amanda x