Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sorry, sorry, sorry yes i have been off in my own little world and not in my blogging world at all. I apologise to each and everyone that comes on and finds that i am no where to be seen. The truth of it all is yes i have been on holiday and without my computer; having an absolute wonderful time travelling in a van from Sydney as far up as Brisbane stopping along the way into any little coastal town that we thought was worth a look. Forteen days of bliss and fantastic weather with my family by my side all the way; what more could i ask for really. Oh the scenery and the places we stopped were simply gorgeous, one was featured on Getaway last night, a little coastal town called Yamba that has just been recognized as the nicest coastal town in Australia. Well i probably would have easily voted it my fav spot as well. If you were looking for something more up tempo probably Byron Bay or Port Macquarie all just beautiful. One negative thing happened; i lost my camera so i will have to wait to take photos of all my new stock that has just arrived . It may still turn up other than that maybe an insurance claim. So once again sorry but i will get some done as soon as possible.
Just some older photos of my store .......more new ones to come........soon......i promise.


Josephine Tale Peddler said...

Amanda, it is good to see you back and Blogging. The holiday sounds marvellous. I've never heard of Yamba but I will look it up now! xx

Blasé said...

Your store is coming together nicely, uh huh!

Janine Marshall said...

Hi Amanda,

Good to see you back again. Glad your holiday was relaxing..called in over the school holidays for a quick look and g'day, but hopefully won't be too long until I'm in your part of the woods again!! Take care

N.W. Coast

Anonymous said...

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