Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Well what a fair got home Monday evening somewhat exhausted from the constant walking and thinking of what i have brought. You tend to look for an overall picture but when you are on visual overload from so many stalls and suppliers that can be difficult. Anyway i am absolutely thrilled with what i have bought and i must say i have spent up big. Trying not to think about our suppressed economy i think you could say i went out there with all guns firing. I bought beautiful everything; i am not disappointed with anything i bought, beautiful range of candles, linens, bags some for shopping others fashion and some linen laptop bags. Gorgeous bird cages, magical furniture, Louis carvers , island benches, tolix chairs, garden urns, giant bird cages, beautiful prints and wall hangings, candlesticks, laundry baskets, metal industrial letters, console tables, glasses in all shapes and sizes, marble pears that were stunning, old fashion scissors, lots and lots of cushions all shapes and sizes and the list went on and on . Today i am at home with a bad cold trying to shake it off so i can get into the shop in preparation for the arrival of my new things. We are also introducing a new line of furniture made by us...really thrilled. I must say congratulation to one of my suppliers Perfect Pieces for their stall it was the best at the fair and i sincerely hope it payed off for them because they really went out in a big way; it was awesome. Some of the other stalls i was a little disappointed in whilst others i was pleasantly surprised. I picked up at least 6 new suppliers which i didn't expect; really looking forward to dealing with them. Well i best go and try to rest even though i am looking around the house thinking of all the things i could be doing........and knowing me will probably end up doing them. Oh i cannot forget Christmas yes i bought some decorations as well, although this year a lot i am intending on making myself.


Fabulously french said...

Wow sounds like you have got some amazing items for Christmas.

Cannot wait to see the photos.

Leeann x

Cathy Louise said...

I think we are still having trouble with our emails so I just wanted to let you know that I have those charms left here for you if you want to contact me....through my blog or something....Thanks Cathy xx

Janine Marshall said...

Hi Amanda,

Your shopping sounds very successful. Can't wait to see what comes through. Hope you are feeling better soon 'cause the flu is not much fun.
Take Care