Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Love all these textures and colours in the linen ; lovely natural feel that is not only easy to wear but is also a great foil for introducing other colours and layers.

I love the rust filing unit here; love the way they have done this display.

Just ordered some lighting for the outside of our home and i am keen to use a rust finish over them tell me what you think.

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ness lockyer said...

I am liking it Amanda! You will have to show photos when you are done.
Ness xx

Anonymous said...

Here are links for the photos you have used in your post:

and the English version:

Tracey said...

Oh yes, I like the rust finish. Your blog is just lovely!!!

:) T

Janine Marshall said...

Hi Amanda,

I love the linen aprons in the second picture and I also love how they have displayed the rusty drawers - just makes you want to buy it (I suppose that's the point!!). As a matter of interest in the post where you show the pictures of the flowers in your shop - is that one of the carved wooden candlesticks 'cause I know you had them before in a couple of different sizes and I ummed and aahhed then. Hoping you are having a great weekend.
Take Care
Love Janine

sarah said...

oh I love these, so beautiful

just found you, gorgeous blog!

yes and rust is to die for


The Vintage Rose said...

Hi Janine yes those candlesticks are from my store and now have travelled to home, once again they were about 149 dollars each and a little hard to move so now i have 2 of them at home, not complaining though....he he manda x

Junkin' Yaya said...

You have touched on one of my favorite French blogs of all time! Would love to see more pics of your shop! and I LOVE those old white crosses you have in the store....would go really well here in Houston at the Yaya!

Have a beautiful & creative week! xo...deb