Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lovely Emma working away in amongst her flowers; she has started bringing in some more unusual flowers from the mainland which arrive most Tuesdays at around midday. Trying to do something different, with a different product is always more of a challenge, but will set you apart from other stores.

Here are some hellebore's or more commonly called Christmas Roses i picked from my garden. The double white ones in the front are called Betty Ranicar and are bred in Tassie by this well known gardener. I am now after the double pale pink variety.

Emma's lovely bouquet with hyacythins, freesias and succulents.

Trying to garden over the past weekends has proven to be more than a challenge. The weather has been so wet and on the weekend i was virtually up to my ankles in mud. I can honestly say i cannot remember in my history of living in Tassie it ever being so wet and miserable. We have a huge clean up operation ahead of us with our burst dam, and i can honestly say i am not looking forward to it. Skip is already so crabby ,he only had minimal work and it was all finished, now he is almost starting again.


Lynette said...

I have had the same problem in my garden much too wet to do anything. Love the hellebores I want some! Love the floral arrangement with the hyacinths mine have started blooming now just gorgeous.
Lynette :)

Lee said...

I have never seen double hellebores before - they're absolutely beautiful. Hope you find the pink ones! Lee :)

ness lockyer said...

Emmas bouquet is gorgeous! I am hearing you about the crappy weather...hang in Skip, we are having a similar problem with the mud and water. I am styling a wedding for October and we need loads of Hydrangeas...I will have to call in and see what Emma can do.
Ness xx