Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hi everyone, well i have decided that i am very slack at blogging. I don't seem to find that spare moment to hop on line and write and post pictures. Still suffering from this rotten cold and now i have a sinus infection so i guess that is slowing me down. Yesterday i spent the day in the garden but i soon ran out of energy, realising i need to take lots of little breaks. So i managed with this to get a little cutting back and pruning done and may tackle a bit more today with some baking in between. The above photo is a pile of some of my fabrics stacked in my pigeon hole cupboard in my sewing room and below my dress form that i discovered at auction for a cool 90 dollars before they became really popular. I guess the key to securing a bargain is as soon as these vintage items start appearing in mags start looking straight away because you can be sure that they are going to become popular. I think i did the same when old galvanized items weren't popular eg watering cans, old baby baths, trugs etc; now they are worth quite a bit of money. I am sure that like everything else that things go in and out of fashion. Now its not fashionable to have lots of ornaments sitting everywhere more to have an eclectic mix of artifacts or groups of interesting finds. It seems that industrial items have found their way to centre stage; i guess that has arisen with the age of recycling and reusing. Items like old shoe storing shelves from factories now make a new life as a plate and bowl storage unit in a kitchen or old grape harvesting crates have a thick piece of glass placed on the top posing as a great coffee table. All this form of finding new uses for items is what has become very trendy; i saw the other day some one had used army blankets from the army disposal store to cover a full lounge suite , looked amazing in a doe skin grey colour.

These are all the teddies and golly wog that i have made, with the exception of the antique doll given to me by my mother; it belonged to my great Aunt Amy over 150 years old. Before i opened my store The Vintage Rose i spent 2 years building and landscaping our new house; and before that i had a Bed and Breakfast with a little shop where i made all the goodies. They included hand painted dolls, quilts, and lots lots more, it was situated in my garden and it was an old potting shed. From this i also had a mail order business where is would send my hand painted dolls all over Australia; it seems so long ago. I will post some pictures for you to see latter. I guess this is something i will pick up again latter in life.


Josephine Tale Peddler said...

Hi Amanda, Don't beat yourself up about Blogging! Your Blogs are always lovely. What beautiful toys! Hope you beat your cold soon xx

Janine Marshall said...

Hi Amanda,

Don't beat yourself up, life is very busy and even though us women are very good at multi-tasking and doing 5 different things at once, there's not enough hours in the day to fit everything in. Always enjoy your posts, sounds like you had a very enjoyable (but exhausting) time at the gift fair, can't wait to see what comes in store. Sorry to hear you are still feeling unwell, hope you feel better soon.
Take Care

Love Janine

Fabulously french said...

Hello Amanda,
Just blog when you feel like it, the best things in life are worth waiting for :-)

Love the photo of the mannequin and the teddies are really cute.

Hope that you are feeling better soon

Leeann x

Linda Carswell said...

Hi Amanda,
I love your little teddies cute! I have made a few in a past life also....
So lovely to have actually met you the other day...hope to visit your shop have some lovely things!!

...hope you beat that cold!