Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tableware is something that can really make or break our dining experiences. Sometimes i think eating off beautiful china can actually make the food taste better....maybe i am a bit crazy. Check out the beautiful french linens in the above photo, one of my loves. A few chips or crazing doesn't worry me at all, it just adds to the beauty of its aged appearance, and besides it always ends up being cheaper if you are buying it through an antique store or market stall. Today i am continuing my restoration of a few pieces for my i will post you some shots when i have finished them. I must admit i am getting a bit sick of doing things up, i have been doing it for years and years, quite a messy job. Enjoy your day.


Janine Marshall said...

Hello to you, THE LOVELY AMANDA!!!

Thanks so much for this, now I can leave a comment. Love the pictures for Sunday's post especially picture number 3.... just gorgeous, soup tureen and linen runner (and yes, I agree, I think a lovely table does make the food taste better!). Anyway, better go 'cause the kids have got hockey.
Take Care.

Love Janine
N.W. Coast

p.s. Can't wait to see pictures on the furniture you have been restoring!!!!!

*The Beautiful Life* said...

I absolutely love the table and the display on it in the last picture... how beautiful, in perfectly rusic-elegance way!

Still enjoying your blog so much....



ness lockyer said...

I am with you and the other is always better when thought has gone into the table layout, even if it is filthy by the end with our two little boys!!
Ness xx